Friday, July 27, 2012

Broken Compass..

"Each Second You Can Be Reborn.
Each Second There Can be A New Beginning.
It Is Choice.
It Is Your Choice."

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The cold,the warmth
the laugh,the smiles
Sometimes with all the confusion
We all get lost along the miles
But we all have a perfect sense of direction
That thing called your 'heart' is a internal compass,all you have to do is
believe in you & pay attention
Do whats right for you,and not whats right for them
Because when its all said and done..
your gonna be left with you...not with them
Still care for others,but love yourself first
Because I've seen too many golden hearts stolen
And not knowing how to get them back.... is the worse
We sometimes don't deserve what happens...but it happens anyway
and life goes on
You can stay on replay...or try progression
Try a new & better song
Hoping we can all some day get along
But they hate when your different..and your climbing your way to the top
They'll start shooting you down like your King Kong

But save her
Do what you can to save her
Look in the mirror and never forget how great you are..
Just please do yourself that favor
Sweet & Sour,life comes with many distinctive flavors
Imagine a life where no one ever knew their neighbors
Love what you can,help whoever needs it
Seen faces that smiles that say there ok..
But inside their heart screams they really need it..
At the end of the day,when the sun has gone away
As long as your at peace with yourself..and you tried your best
What really is there left to say..
Just Follow Your Heart...It's The Only Compass That
Can Never Be Fully Broken
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