Monday, July 2, 2012


'I feel I'm strong...I think I'm right...I know I'm wrong'
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When the lights dim down...I always just go back to being me..
All these bright lights & smiling faces...were never no good to me..
There not real...there not true
The only thing I havent found you
Always making a new list of new things to do..
But what do you do..when you wish your new thing was old,and your old thing was new
Seeing people treat each other worse than animals,it feels like I'm trapped in a zoo
Feeling like this pain is like a tattoo
I can never remove it,no matter what I try to do
The closer I get to life,the more I need to travel with glue
I just keep breaking...and breaking...hows life on the other shoe?
Hopefully its better than me...letting them get the better of me
Please cremation,never let them burry me
I meant to be free like the ashes..I wont ever let them bury me
I just want to burn...burn away
See the look on everybody's faces,hear what they really have to say
You would never know how long I waited for that day
I shouldnt have to apologize if I'm starting to turn your magical bright world to a ugly or dark gray
Just got to be real for a moment...don't really want to be here
It's sad that it's this kind of truth that people never really want to hear
How long can we go on...before some notices this white lie called life is wrong
All of a sudden...I'm in a bad place..
Where any happy thoughts...are the first things to be erased..
Where everything good to me,is gently replaced
Where a bit a joy..even is something I can't taste
Who knows what will happen..if I give up now..and refuse to finish this race
'Now I'm just falling..for ever falling..Don't catch me..let me fall'
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