Friday, November 30, 2012

Trust Issues

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So what do you do... when its only you
And people pretend they want to help,but really they have no clue
When you have to say goodbye to everyone you love,now they can't believe how fast you grew
Everydays a new its always out with the old..and in with the new
If I could see you in front of me..the things I would say
This life will sometimes give you the things you love,then the next second takes it away
If life is a game...just how long should we continue to play..
Some of the realest words are on our tongue...but they are some we may never say
In a life full of color,most of the times everything just seems gray
The sun to my sky...the tear in my eye...
I don't think theres a worse feeling..than being forced to say goodbye
Trying everyday..but why do I even try
These people here can't appreciate the things I do
I was the only person here for you when you were new.
But your already off my list for good...some friendship you blew
I kinda had a feeling...but deep down I already knew...

Where do I go from here?
Use to be afraid of life..but now I know theres nothing to fear
Back in the days when we were little kids,our biggest decision was what  to wear
Now we dream of going places...but in reality are we really going any where...
People say they are...but are they really there?
Love me or hate me..more & more I'm learning not to care...
All these lies of false feelings I always hear
But still happiness is the only thing my heart wants to share..

I hope one day it all makes sense
I hope one day you finally decide to love you
Your amazing...I don't know how all these people miss seeing the real you
I guess they cant see true beauty with there eyes
But then again,real beauty comes from the heart..and they probably wont ever recognize
These trust issues always seems to rend ties
I guess my heart will always love you..
Even after my spirit..and body dies...
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Friday, November 23, 2012


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Lets change the change
Lets turn the page
Lets live life by joy and not by age
Never again let our true self be put in a cage
Lets break away & be free,
Who better to start..than you or me

Rescue me from my destiny
These demons disguised as angels always get the best of me
Collecting whatever's left of me
Declined...Declined...why won't anything just accept me

A second too close,we almost didn't get away
A minute longer,and we wouldn't know what to say
The sun & the moon turn into one,so now the world is all gray
Now night is our only day...lets slowly drain all our pain away...

They pick who are our enemies..and make up a reason for us to fight
But if there was no such thing as power..the world would be alright
They throw us in the darkness..With only a glimpse of the light
They hang these debts over our families,over shadowing our future that should be bright

I'm not fighting their war,
Searching for the hearts that are pure
Lust & drugs are such a deadly lure
Look deep inside your heart..and tell me if you see the cure

We all have the answer,but who will be the one
We're not giving in or giving up,until this is all done
Throwing money away like its nothing,I guess they enjoy playing with our lives like its fun
Instead of fighting with love,they fuel us with hate..and give us guns
But that is a silly battle spilled with blood..that can never truly be won..

I dreamt of a time..
That if negativity was in the present...all we had to do is rewind
And spend some time...spend some time
How come our mankind..isn't so kind?
These laws they make can turn helping someone into a crime
But its all just a sign...
A plague will come...and wipe away all that needs to leave.
And only leave the good behind...
This world is destined for greater things..and that's what we're gonna find...
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Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Broken..

All this time...I've been trying to find all the pieces
to help put me back together...
But I've learn theres sometimes beauty in the middle of a storm..
So I stopped trying to fix everything that's broken..
And just embrace the shattering...To enjoy the rise & the fall
Not to look back at yesterday,nor in this thing called 'tomorrow'
I know theres more like me,broken...broken to no point of return
What we can give to this world,is something we shouldn't try to take back
People are going to take the best of us...That's just what people do
And someone might give their best to you
Just don't take it for granted...appreciate them for who they are
Life isn't too short,we just make it feel that way...
But not cherishing every second we have
The only answer we have to the one we choose to accept
Whats the real difference between happiness and sadness
Except that we have total control on how we feel
We do.
But we choose different alot of the times
Take me for instance,right now I'm letting it out because I feel that's the right thing to do
Too many times,we cover up how we truly feel in the shadow of others..
But that isnt right..because there's once was a time when they were broken too
If we put all our pieces together...I feel we can be some of the chosen few...
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Friday, November 9, 2012


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When you lose the words you wish to say
While your staring out the window,patiently waiting for a brighter day
You toss & turn in the bed alone, where they use to lay
But you refuse to give up...because there has to be another way

Things don't feel the way they use too
The lies appear inside these conversations,more than the truth do
Not everything broken can be put back together with glue
Sometimes once its broken,its broken forever..the only thing left is try & find something new

Just another cloud in the dark sky
You think you see something,but you look away and it passes you by
What really happens after we die?
Will there be a new beginning...or is this really our finally goodbye

Too early...or too late
Making your own path...or just holding onto faith
Not good enough...or maybe your too great
Did we just destroy everything...that we were about to create

What if I told you that I love you..
That I need you...
Are those the words you crave?
Are those the lies I need to feed you

The continuous gamble of life,
Why does it feel I always lose
Not letting peoples mistakes affect how I treat them is what I always choose
But all the abuse is starting to leave a bruise
No one wants to be accountable for their actions,but this isn't news
Things have been this way,for a long time
A Leo by birth,but maybe the lion in me was left behind
I hate this,and thats just not another line
The only reason I I know theres still an answer to all this mayhem that I'm not going to stop until I find

The ones you see they even know you?
Do they know what you go through?
Would they even help you get through?
Or would they just watch you fail and say it was nice to know you
Not enough helping hands,they have more hands to judge
But you have to be that rock in a hard place..and never budge
Never break...No matter how much times you get tossed inside the same lake
And when your at the edge of that cliff...just look up at the stars and wait
Miracles and shooting stars sometimes come a little late..

Don't just read what I have to say..Hear what I'm trying to say
That new start you've been waiting for...that new beginning..well today can be that day
You just have to start from the bottom,and clean all the negative vibes out of you way
Pray if you pray...but believe in yourself and never leave your self pride astray

But I love you...
And I need you...
I only want you..
But no ones going to know if its true...
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poetic Justice

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They may talk,but what are they really saying
People come & go like seasons,but can you promise me girl that your staying?

It's got so cold and dark here in England
Always alone even though I'm supposedly surrounded by all these wing men
If I lost my voice today,would my words still say anything to you
If I believe in a lie long enough..will that make it true
If I lost my eyes,could I still see your beauty
Is life just a bunch a sad scenes...or will there be a happy ending to this movie?
I just wondering some of the things you might not get a chance too
Every ones life has got so busy,but I've seen hope in the just have to glance too
Death cant really be the end...I mean whenever you run out of ink..don't you just grab another pen
If the world is ending...would it really matter when
Theres somethings us as humans need to just learn to accept..but until then
Mother nature,the stars,the moon and the clouds can either be our real enemies or our only true friends

All these words..but what do they really mean
All these sights...but what have I really seen
What if our reality is just someone elses dream
As a child I realized not everything is what it seemed
And no matter how much you want to help,sometimes it best just not to get in between
One mans maid,could be another kings queen
We take showers every day...but what does that really clean
I heard 'the prettiest faces do the ugliest thing' you starting to get what I mean?

And my hands are dirty too,Theres only two I really feel I owe an apology to
Katherine & Kevin...that one line is so real & so true
This life makes you sometimes do somethings that you don't really want to do
I learned, we make the most mistakes when we think with our emotions
Hate,jealously,envy...these are just some of the evil potions
Just trying to do right...God please help me get through these motions
When one door closes,remember the sky is always open
No one can put a border on your dreams
Just try and find a balance between good & evil,
And once you do that,I hope you feel pristine...

And I'm writing this while listening to Poetic Justice
I just hope I didn't rush this
Only if we could slow down time
The I would repeat that one day when you were finally mine
But I guess living in complete  happiness would feel like a crime
I may always smile and laugh..but its always the opposite in my mind
Just looking for what I meant to find
Nothing more,nothing less
Everyday's a blessing...I sneeze..what did you just bless
The secret to life is removing all the stress
Just a tiny fish in a big pond,not really sure what will happen next
Why does everyone seem to abuse love & sex
One day all my secrets will no longer be kept
Because as soon as something happens..writing in to you always seems to be my next step

Life is such a blur...
It may be easier to lust than adore..
But I promise you the second one always means more..
That's all for today folks..those are all the thoughts in my soul that I'm willing to exploit & explore
Just one more thing....
Just remember love,happiness & beauty..can only come deep inside from your core..
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