Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poetic Justice

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They may talk,but what are they really saying
People come & go like seasons,but can you promise me girl that your staying?

It's got so cold and dark here in England
Always alone even though I'm supposedly surrounded by all these wing men
If I lost my voice today,would my words still say anything to you
If I believe in a lie long enough..will that make it true
If I lost my eyes,could I still see your beauty
Is life just a bunch a sad scenes...or will there be a happy ending to this movie?
I just wondering some of the things you might not get a chance too
Every ones life has got so busy,but I've seen hope in the just have to glance too
Death cant really be the end...I mean whenever you run out of ink..don't you just grab another pen
If the world is ending...would it really matter when
Theres somethings us as humans need to just learn to accept..but until then
Mother nature,the stars,the moon and the clouds can either be our real enemies or our only true friends

All these words..but what do they really mean
All these sights...but what have I really seen
What if our reality is just someone elses dream
As a child I realized not everything is what it seemed
And no matter how much you want to help,sometimes it best just not to get in between
One mans maid,could be another kings queen
We take showers every day...but what does that really clean
I heard 'the prettiest faces do the ugliest thing' you starting to get what I mean?

And my hands are dirty too,Theres only two I really feel I owe an apology to
Katherine & Kevin...that one line is so real & so true
This life makes you sometimes do somethings that you don't really want to do
I learned, we make the most mistakes when we think with our emotions
Hate,jealously,envy...these are just some of the evil potions
Just trying to do right...God please help me get through these motions
When one door closes,remember the sky is always open
No one can put a border on your dreams
Just try and find a balance between good & evil,
And once you do that,I hope you feel pristine...

And I'm writing this while listening to Poetic Justice
I just hope I didn't rush this
Only if we could slow down time
The I would repeat that one day when you were finally mine
But I guess living in complete  happiness would feel like a crime
I may always smile and laugh..but its always the opposite in my mind
Just looking for what I meant to find
Nothing more,nothing less
Everyday's a blessing...I sneeze..what did you just bless
The secret to life is removing all the stress
Just a tiny fish in a big pond,not really sure what will happen next
Why does everyone seem to abuse love & sex
One day all my secrets will no longer be kept
Because as soon as something happens..writing in to you always seems to be my next step

Life is such a blur...
It may be easier to lust than adore..
But I promise you the second one always means more..
That's all for today folks..those are all the thoughts in my soul that I'm willing to exploit & explore
Just one more thing....
Just remember love,happiness & beauty..can only come deep inside from your core..
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