Sunday, October 28, 2012


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We all find love in different places
Some of us are lucky enough to hold to it,to last a lifetime
While some of us are tired of being hurt,and wishing the last heartbreak was the last time
You don't even have to look,but I promise theres something you'll find
Out of all these cold coal hearts,I promise theres at least one gold mine
Something or someone special enough,to cherish until the end of time

The smallest things can make the biggest difference
That includes you & me..what are we doing everyday to make a difference
No matter how alone you feel,theres someone whose going through a similar experience
Loving people for who they are,now thats brilliance

I ask one thing from you...and you make it seem like the hardest thing in the world
And you wonder why we're now separated half way across the world
But love has no distance,and this love has become my enemy
When I was young,it always seemed like a friend to me
So now any enemy to my enemy is a friend to me
So all I ask is will you be friends with me..?
A different time,A different day
Maybe once,we'll figure out all the correct things to say
So for now,all our miscommunications will continue to get in the way

We all just want to be accepted,hate the feeling of being rejected
Don't always respect others,but continue to crave the feeling of being respected
Neglect the ones who are getting neglected
And the world seems to be tearing itself apart..but that's expected
Too many are too blind to what really matters
Instead,everyone wants to make it to the top
Doing whatever it takes to climb these ladders
But when it all falls down,who will you have around
The silence of two hearts who use to love each other,will always make the loudest sound

the people we pretend to be..
looking through the eyes we can never see..
Hiding who we really want to be..
Just to be accepted by these blind hearts for an eternity..
He wanted to save you so bad..that he sacrificed everything he had
Friends don't last he would rather you be the greatest enemy he ever had.
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  1. Mr. Thomas your work is magnificent! I felt every emotion every high and low. Please continue to pour your thoughts. I was so CAPTIVATED that I had to read it all. You never know whose life your words inspire. This is pure natural talent. Your gift. Have you published anything, if not you should. Thank you for this. ADRIFT IN A ENDLESS SEA.