Friday, October 5, 2012

Rolling Stone..

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Nowadays you'll probably hear from me less & less..
This probably means everything in my life is perfect..
Or maybe it's just one big mess..
The nightmares of failing,the dreams of being the best
Even if I made it all the way to the top..
Just what about the rest..?
You see all the smiles,but rarely hear about all the stress
Life's just a game of chess or checkers,you just got to know where to move next
This feeling is killing me,Life is no longer healing me
I just keep playing these cards,these crappy cards life is dealing me
Nothing I write,can put these thoughts beautifully in sight
I try to be in depth,but everything just feels light
Only with you...did anything ever feel right

Now the times have changed,but my love is still the same
I could forget all the others,but will always remember your name
The joy over the pain
The sun over the rain
The freedom over the fame
With all these broken hearts...who will be left to blame?

And I'm coming back to you...I promise one day I will be back
It's been one hell of a crazy year,I guess it safe to say that
I would give you my eyes,just so you can see what I see
A Mona Lisa,a masterpiece who couldn't be any more perfectly
These people aren't true,they will sell you a bunch of lies
just to slowly deceive you
Still waiting for some thing new...but you'll still be the only think I ever truly knew

A tiny message from me,be careful who you trust,and always listen carefully
Never doubt yourself,or the things you can do
And no one living will ever have to power to put you down or judge you
Your life is whatever you make it
The good ,the is however you want to take it
The best days are the one you make
Whats the point of being real,if everyone else is real fake
Always learn from your mistake
Our hearts may be as fragile as glass..
But your soul is something they cant break
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