Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dreams Money Can Buy

I guess this is how happiness is suppose to feel,When everybody fake around you no longer feels real...
My heart's made up,but my mind always stay confused......always wanting to win..but at the same time feeling I'm destined to lose...
So pick & choose....pick & choose
you can either help some one reach their dream....or just watch them fail & lose
What do you get when you have a heart of gold?You have people trying to take it from you...but my heart could never be sold..
Wonder if I do this...will anyone ever look at me the same,
But then again why should it matter if the only thing people know about me for simply my name,

A lot of tears left inside,A lot of moments I try to hide,But everything will be ok as long as I have love & god always on my side,
I see too much pain,and I get mad at myself when I cant fix it all,Because in this big mad world...any support at all will help....even if it's small,
I can write my soul out & even give all my love away...But I guess nothing will change the way some people think...guess their minds must be thinking the other way,
Time flies, while waiting for a better day.....ignoring the words you don't want to hear,just because your scared of all the correct thing I might have to say,
Thats nothing but the truth...a lot of us may have the bullets...but how many of us are really willing to shoot.

Not talking about violence,since thats not what I'm about...
Just a lot of people 'talk' and their 'actions'... for some reason never have an equal amount..
I guess they're some Dreams Money Can Buy...heard that from Drake's word of mouth
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