Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Never Know

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So before I even start to write,I want you to know that ever since you left...that nothing has felt right,That I wake up everyday with a hope that one day I might see you.....get a call or receive a text,
But that never happens so I'm constantly laying my head on my pillow looking out my window wondering what's next,
I never truly understand who messed up worse...was it you or me?Since when your so high on love,it's hard to perceive the warning signs properly,
You were sending the wrong signals so now only the thought of love seems to bother me,
Now everything is all gone,like I had a garage sale for my heart...and I lost all my property,
How did everything get so deep so damn fast?More importantly where did the time go..and why do I only see you in the past?
In this race of our seemed to finish first.....while I was left only to last....was this the way things were destined to be?thats all I got to ask....

And it sucks that I'm stuck here writing sad poem's at 6:00 am about you & about us,when just the sound of your voice use to give me such a rush,but I guess everything new eventually ,turns old & starts to rust,
So now I'm sitting here wishing that what was love,would of simply been lust...because maybe if that was the case,things wouldn't of hurt so much,then I realize 'having your heart broken' is a part of life that we all got to deal with/learn to adjust...because moving on & searching for the real love of your life is a must,even though things seem so negative right now, never know when negative times,could turn to a plus,lovers are never lovers be-careful who you trust
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