Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gone Until Another Day

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So much left for me to say,So much left for me to do,
So before we say our goodbye's...I wanted to leave this poem for you...
You can always make it,You just have to be strong,
Since even when your right,people would like to make you feel like your wrong,
Without the rain,or the pain...all the sunny day's & happiness wouldn't feel the same,
When your stuck in the struggle,just remember to stay humble,please always think twice...and try to stay out of trouble,
Don't let anyone confuse you,or drag you down the wrong way,
Keep your head up,and make the best of everyday,
I know you will be ok...don't ask me why,
God puts us to the test,and all you have to do is try,
I have faith in you,and all that you do,
Be all you can be....& always stay you
It will be a couple of weeks,but I will be back
Just know the image of your smile,always was something that kept me on track
Your something I thought I would of never knew,something so true
Now when I'm away I always want to be right next to you,
When I'm Gone....I Wish I Could Be Right Next To You.

I hope I made you feel you always had a place
that we could escape to the stars....and we didn't even need space
Everything will always work out,no need for any doubt
I will give you what you need,just tell me the amount,
Because what we have is timeless...and if I went looking I would be sure to find less
Once you have the can only find 2nd best
So I let my heart do all the seeing and I put my eyes to rest,
I bet blind people can see beyond when we can,isn't our life a mess?
Try to stay away from the negative and the bad,the people who are 2 faced & who always make you sad,
Life is nothing but a never-ending circle unless you try to break the chain,
I had a friend name Kevin....and after he took his own life was never the same...
Now when your away,I always want to be right next to you,
When Your In Heaven,I Wish I Could Be Right Next To You.

Never give up,constantly hold on
Your heart plays the beat,to someone's favorite song,
Your eye's show the way to a paradise they have never seen,
And when they fall asleep....your the only thing they will ever dream,

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear You

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'A Powerful Message...Or Maybe A Powerful Poem...Whatever It Is...These Are My Thoughts...While Listening To The Zone'
So I'm here thinking about you,
Seems like our days talking are almost through,
Wishing I was dreaming,but I woke up into a nightmare
Worst feeling in the world to not see you right here....

who sees what you see?
who cares when you care?
who fills that emptiness,when you feel no love near........

one in a million,or a million in one
its fun when we all start,but don't forget what happens when its all said & done
some one has to win,someone has to lose,
one must feel the heartbreak...but neither one leaves without a bruise
so who do you choose?
or is he already can have all the hearts in the world...but you would of wasted your love unless one was golden,

Don't waste your time thinking of him,no point of even talking to her
Constantly thinking of building a better & brighter future,so the darkness in the past is now just a blur
I just hope you remember one thing.....Love is about a bond.....and marriage isn't about a ring...

This is just a free-write,but I hope it helps you see right,you cant expect tomorrow to be bright,if you give your self to darkness every time you feel night,Be proud of what you do,take confidence in what you say,and make the sun of your clouds....never be gray,May the stars always twinkle,and your wishes all come true,just don't always be you...yeah girl,just always be you....xo
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

In My Zone

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So....I'm sitting here in my zone,
Almost time for me to go,so I slowly remove myself from the throne,
Looking at the pieces to our puzzle realized you did it all on your own,
You feel safe but then everythings broken like a earthquake hitting your own home,
A place I made for myself,Another place I set for you,
It's moments like this when all the time is running out,
so we sometimes forget the correct things to do,
I take a deep breath....& do my best to close my eyes,
But I cant seem to dream,since your the best....and I hope you realize,
Everything you did.....Everything you done,
Calling you the first time was hard for me,but saying goodbye is never fun,
Just the sound of your voice,always made everything better...
As I fast forward to basic training,I'm slowly awaiting your letter,
You were always so much trouble,You were always so rude,
Something about that sweet attitude that always kept me glued,
I wish we could lay together forever.....and never ever move,
Since when we're together...the mood always starts to improve,
I would die for you....just so I can prove,
That once were in my zone...even death is something you can elude,
So if you have something to say ...please say something before I go....Even if I don't want to say yes...
I will never say no..
All these people I'm forced to let go....teaches me life is full with problems & that is all I know,
I hope when I see you again...things will still feel the same,
Looks like my heart's been scribbled over....with writing of different fonts of your name,
Which helps dilutes the pain,without love or music....I would of never stayed sane,
"If you love something,set it free, if it come back it's yours,if it doesn't,it never was"I just keep replaying  that saying..
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank You.

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As my thoughts begin to sink in,and I begin to write
I think about all the people I've ever met & bonded with over my life
Not going to say all the names because that would take forever
Just want you to know that if we ever shared a smile....That I will remember it forever
Maybe I'm far away...or maybe I'm close to you
But there is one thing I hope that always remains true...
That you have all the happiness in the world & you complete everything you ever set your mind to
Maybe we talk once in a while....or we talk every day
Just know if your ever can always walk my way
Maybe we'll grow old...or maybe we'll die young
Just make sure you cherish everyday like its your safe & have fun
Love always shines....that's how I'll find you

So I took the time to write this poem 'Thank You',just to always remind you...
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