Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gone Until Another Day

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So much left for me to say,So much left for me to do,
So before we say our goodbye's...I wanted to leave this poem for you...
You can always make it,You just have to be strong,
Since even when your right,people would like to make you feel like your wrong,
Without the rain,or the pain...all the sunny day's & happiness wouldn't feel the same,
When your stuck in the struggle,just remember to stay humble,please always think twice...and try to stay out of trouble,
Don't let anyone confuse you,or drag you down the wrong way,
Keep your head up,and make the best of everyday,
I know you will be ok...don't ask me why,
God puts us to the test,and all you have to do is try,
I have faith in you,and all that you do,
Be all you can be....& always stay you
It will be a couple of weeks,but I will be back
Just know the image of your smile,always was something that kept me on track
Your something I thought I would of never knew,something so true
Now when I'm away I always want to be right next to you,
When I'm Gone....I Wish I Could Be Right Next To You.

I hope I made you feel you always had a place
that we could escape to the stars....and we didn't even need space
Everything will always work out,no need for any doubt
I will give you what you need,just tell me the amount,
Because what we have is timeless...and if I went looking I would be sure to find less
Once you have the can only find 2nd best
So I let my heart do all the seeing and I put my eyes to rest,
I bet blind people can see beyond when we can,isn't our life a mess?
Try to stay away from the negative and the bad,the people who are 2 faced & who always make you sad,
Life is nothing but a never-ending circle unless you try to break the chain,
I had a friend name Kevin....and after he took his own life was never the same...
Now when your away,I always want to be right next to you,
When Your In Heaven,I Wish I Could Be Right Next To You.

Never give up,constantly hold on
Your heart plays the beat,to someone's favorite song,
Your eye's show the way to a paradise they have never seen,
And when they fall asleep....your the only thing they will ever dream,

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  1. Your blog is simply wonderful. Thank you for posting things that are so inspirational and worthwhile. I've been blogging for a little longer than a year, and I really wish there were more blogs like this out there. I could have really used some of this in difficult times.