Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank You.

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As my thoughts begin to sink in,and I begin to write
I think about all the people I've ever met & bonded with over my life
Not going to say all the names because that would take forever
Just want you to know that if we ever shared a smile....That I will remember it forever
Maybe I'm far away...or maybe I'm close to you
But there is one thing I hope that always remains true...
That you have all the happiness in the world & you complete everything you ever set your mind to
Maybe we talk once in a while....or we talk every day
Just know if your ever can always walk my way
Maybe we'll grow old...or maybe we'll die young
Just make sure you cherish everyday like its your safe & have fun
Love always shines....that's how I'll find you

So I took the time to write this poem 'Thank You',just to always remind you...
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