Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Believe It's You

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A face no one else can see
 A place no one else can be
  A day where I wish everything would just end
   A night where a look in the mirror shows your worst friend
    A time no girl can ever replace
     A moment where my feelings cant seem to face
The Truth....
A feeling when everything is right
 A sight similar to when the sunlight helps shows the moonlight
  A answer I cant seem to find
   A question how long would you be mine
    A bruise that will never heal
     A false feeling that just feels so real
The Illusion....
A step in the wrong direction
 A leap over a hurdle that every one see's but never mentions
  A star that doesn't shine bright
   A sky that always shows night
    A dream that we both thought alike
     A nightmare that might
Come True...
A little to late I might be
 A little to restricted to be free
  A lot more hurt that I should of been
   A lot more we could of been
    A new light I see in you
     A girl named (        ) I believe its you
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