Friday, July 1, 2011

Wicked Games

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So we're stuck in the same place....with no where left to go,
I'm asking you all the correct questions....but you pretend nothing is wrong & avoid answering so what I'm I missing to know,
You look me in the face & tell me everything is fine,
even though deep inside I counting down the days because I know sooner or later you wont be mine,
Is everything good just meant to turn bad?
Always see smiles on people's faces...but if you look a little bit closer you can see their really sad
I tell you to close your eyes,open your heart & tell me what you see,
whatever it is...I would go to any degree just to get it for you...just to make you happy
What  I'm trying to tell something you really need to hear,
Sad,but still like I'm the only one that really seems to care
Shot to the heart....stabbed in the back,
when it's from the one you the hell are you suppose to react?
I put it all on the heart,my mind,my soul,
And the only thing you have to that giant black your heart,
it's already starting to rip us apart,saying you don't want to live a life unnoticed..but I don't think this is how you really want to leave a mark,
If takes half as much to be a believer than to be an achiever,
Just because she says she loves you...doesn't mean it's smart to actually believe her
Sad to see that many people fail to be real with themselves...
Now I just wonder when you look in the mirror..'Can/Do You Even See Yourself'..
Give me a chance & I will change how you feel...

what to do?what to say?
it only makes sense that we were given a heart to give love away
I always do my keep you from doing your worse,
I guess this ability to have empathy for others is starting to feel like a curse...
But I still seem to love to blame or I'm I crazy...either way I don't know why,
So I just drift,drift,drift away until I am no more,
Guess you can never be completely fixed once you've been broken from the core,
we should be defined for who we are.not what we do,
never judge a person by their actions without trying to get to know them first...since you don't have the slightest clue what they might have been through,
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