Monday, April 11, 2011

Break The Chain

So I'm hoping we can break the chain,because if it's a happy ending we seek
things cant stay the same,
Every night some people go to sleep happy,while consciously knowing they put someone
else in pain,
Driving on the fast track to peace and good living so I hope we're in the same lane...

The hold they got on us is tight,but they feed us the same bull,
everyday that everything will be alright,
and if so why isn't there any hope in sight?
Seeing ahead nothing but a road full of darkness....but isn't the future suppose to be bright?
Whats worse is that I'm starting to get confused from whats smart to do in todays society...from whats obviously right,Can we one day break the chain?I still dream of a day that we might...

But I know of someone who has been stuck with bad feelings & tears for years,
Still they put up a smile around all their family & peers,
So laughter & joy is all people seem to hear,
No one tries to dig deeper,so no one seems to care,
Seems this stupid chain took a part of me,that I wasn't will to share...
Are we going to try and break the chain...or continue to live our life in fear?
The chain of hurt,pain,lies & thief's,the chain of everyone only caring for them self and never turning the other cheek..Every school shooting,suicide,of self inflicted wound is basically a message to all of us that our human moral is weak,....You can stand by & do nothing,or we can help each other reach our peak,
Because it's not what you were born with or given...It's what you wake up everyday for,....
fight for .....
to try and seek

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