Saturday, April 30, 2011

In The End..

So starting today....I am throwing it all away,
I'm only paying attention to your actions....and not caring what you say,
A mistake I make over & over again....believing people actually care & that they will be there in the end,
There must be a big note..or some sort of big sign....that says hurt only the ones who want to be kind,
One moment can change it all..& I can be gone..but if that happens it wont matter who was right or wrong,
Life is too short...& I try to figure out why I'm still here,
On the bright side...I try to take all my negative energy...I slowly let it out here,
We all have a melting point. And a venting point. But no one seems to see the helping point.

The world moves so fast....the earth moves so slow,
Our civilization pays more attention to how technology works...but wouldn't take the time out to make sure a plant will grow,
So here we go,down a path we should of never went,
I try to look at how much time we probably have left to fix things vs. the time spent,
I want to see an angel....I want to see if there is a God,
or I want to be able to look at my feet in shame that maybe the only thing I believed in was fraud..
But until that day I will never know,I just hope you keep your head up..and never let you dreams go
They will always try to break us...break us down until nothing is left,
But they can never break 'whats inside us'....and in the end....thats really all that we have left...

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