Saturday, April 30, 2011

In The End..

So starting today....I am throwing it all away,
I'm only paying attention to your actions....and not caring what you say,
A mistake I make over & over again....believing people actually care & that they will be there in the end,
There must be a big note..or some sort of big sign....that says hurt only the ones who want to be kind,
One moment can change it all..& I can be gone..but if that happens it wont matter who was right or wrong,
Life is too short...& I try to figure out why I'm still here,
On the bright side...I try to take all my negative energy...I slowly let it out here,
We all have a melting point. And a venting point. But no one seems to see the helping point.

The world moves so fast....the earth moves so slow,
Our civilization pays more attention to how technology works...but wouldn't take the time out to make sure a plant will grow,
So here we go,down a path we should of never went,
I try to look at how much time we probably have left to fix things vs. the time spent,
I want to see an angel....I want to see if there is a God,
or I want to be able to look at my feet in shame that maybe the only thing I believed in was fraud..
But until that day I will never know,I just hope you keep your head up..and never let you dreams go
They will always try to break us...break us down until nothing is left,
But they can never break 'whats inside us'....and in the end....thats really all that we have left...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drop The World

a breaking point that only you can see
a turn for the worst,from happiness to misery
so we all have a purpose,we will become whatever it is we are meant to be
the tears don't stop,but neither do the smiles
take life one step at a time,but spread joy along the miles
will always be there no matter what
I bleed my soul into these poems,and I never bandage up
on a lonely road,and it goes forever
things cant get any worse?but when will it get better

always thought I had it right.but I had it wrong
trying to get things straight,but everything is already wrong,so im feeling kinda late
its crazy man,we're in this crazy land
where people do things not only because they want to,but because they can
I still look at your picture everyday,I hope that you ok
seems my times is running out,but I still don't know what to say
so many directions,not knowing where to go
waiting for the green light...but only red will show

I wish I could see your face again....but could I even face your face again?
what can I do to save you?what can I do to save me?
before this world swallows us up and the planet erases me
running out of options,racing against the time
tying not look back,but I keep seeing my soul falling back behind
making my self get back in line,but If you don't believe in yourself,then you missed the most important sign

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Looks like I'm back at square one,when I would give it my all, but all of me's done.
So I try to block out everything & have fun,but the feeling always catches me when I'm alone,so the battles never won, 
Don't know if my heart should stay & fight or just turn the other way & run.
Sometimes just stare at the sky,& pray for the people who had to stare at the end of a barrel of a gun,
But then again some people have it all,while some of us have none,
And when I write to you,I take all of me & give you some,
Am I just a boy without his father?Or is my dad just a man without his son?
Everyday is just another day where we get to dream under the stars...and shine bright right under the sun
I always had such a positive & depressing view on life...I always wonder where that comes from..

They say aim for the stars so if you miss you will land on the moon,
I'm aiming for her.....I just hope if we miss the first time, she will be here soon,
Since another day without her,is just another day lost,
But what can I do we're so far everyday I pay the cost
Damn,....and it seems everything just moves so fast,
From looking back to middle & high school moments & memories...I just hope some of our friendship's will forever last,
But we are all still here for a reason they say,
Don't understand sometimes why out of everyone I always have to pick up my bags and move away,
So don't always assume the grass is greener on the other side...sometimes its just simply gray,
Most of the times it feels like I'm moving in reverse...I just wish someone would hit the eject button on life or just fast forward & press play,

And I think I will say just a little more before I go....Hold on to your dreams and never let them go,
A clear mind allows you to see the truth of what's really going on...And the moments where people want you to fall are probably the most important moments for you to hold on..Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can & can not do....Just listen to life to the fullest & always stay true....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Break The Chain

So I'm hoping we can break the chain,because if it's a happy ending we seek
things cant stay the same,
Every night some people go to sleep happy,while consciously knowing they put someone
else in pain,
Driving on the fast track to peace and good living so I hope we're in the same lane...

The hold they got on us is tight,but they feed us the same bull,
everyday that everything will be alright,
and if so why isn't there any hope in sight?
Seeing ahead nothing but a road full of darkness....but isn't the future suppose to be bright?
Whats worse is that I'm starting to get confused from whats smart to do in todays society...from whats obviously right,Can we one day break the chain?I still dream of a day that we might...

But I know of someone who has been stuck with bad feelings & tears for years,
Still they put up a smile around all their family & peers,
So laughter & joy is all people seem to hear,
No one tries to dig deeper,so no one seems to care,
Seems this stupid chain took a part of me,that I wasn't will to share...
Are we going to try and break the chain...or continue to live our life in fear?
The chain of hurt,pain,lies & thief's,the chain of everyone only caring for them self and never turning the other cheek..Every school shooting,suicide,of self inflicted wound is basically a message to all of us that our human moral is weak,....You can stand by & do nothing,or we can help each other reach our peak,
Because it's not what you were born with or given...It's what you wake up everyday for,....
fight for .....
to try and seek

Monday, April 4, 2011

Light Dreams

Hard to sleep when you worry about everything,
Easy to lose faith when you seem to lose everything,
Here today,gone tomorrow so does life even mean anything,
But all hope is not gone,remember you can turn one dollar into anything,
So we close our eyes and have light dreams,since nothing is what it seems,
Wake up the next morning,trying to chase our life dreams at any means,

Feels like you have to be perfect for people to stay around,feels like nothing moves right,the earth just continues to spin around,
Wish life would just slow down,and for things to to stay up and not go down,
Hardest part about it is to be close to the one you love,but your hearts never gets to make a sound,
Some of us 'beat quiet' and keep our light in the dark,While the rest lose control,act recklessly & behave like we live with no heart,

Life's harsh,but we all have to pay the price but can we afford the cost?
A lie to the the truth,how far would you go, You don't have to love in words,since your actions will always show,
But what will we do when all the time has stop?When all the birds flying high will just suddenly drop,
Then the internet goes off forever & never comes back,and for us to 'make it there' we have to work together and follow a map,

A map that would lead us to the answers to everything,
Right in front of the golden gates where you can have everything,
Where you can throw your worries & no longer have to worry about anything,
Because our love will be at the highest value,so we will not hurt or harm anything,

I open my eyes,guessed I was having light dreams,but you know what they say,nothing is what it seems,
Just another day we hustle hard,to one day be able to live out our dreams at any means....