Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love In The Sky

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This world's not for us,it's not what it seems
What we've been promised is death & broken dreams
And maybe a little bit of happiness in between
But where does a king look,when searching for his queen
The good ones are hard to find
Because now we only tend to see with our eyes since it's lust that occupies our minds
We say we want love,but what do we do
Ignore the ones who care, and continue chase the ones who if the tables were turned,wouldn't chase after you
Will we find our love in the sky?
What about all the promises to never say goodbye?
When will all these tears dry?
Why can't I stop asking why? Why
Didn't things work out,
I guess it wasn't meant to be
No matter how hard we try,
There is no way of deleting history
Only way is to cover it up with lies
Which only prolongs the cries

And the teary eyes
I want to take you higher,higher than the birds can fly
I want to take you higher,higher than where the angels go after we die
I want to take you higher,higher than high
Girl,we can do long as our hearts are both willing to try
First we need to learn how to dream
Reality can be mean
We all try to emulate someone of something which we see on the tv or computer screen
When did we lose the feeling of us?
When did life lose its rush?
When did we forget how to touch?
When did my enough not become enough?
Now I'm falling,falling from the sky
Love was my drug & I'm no longer high
Looking down below,I have no one to catch me
Beacause I pushed everyone away,don't even ask me
Why or who,or even how I did
I've just always felt alone,ever since I was a kid
But this isn't about me,it's about us
The easiest thing to break,but the hardiest thing to trust
No love lost.No love maybe sometimes losing is a must
This world's is for us,it's what it seems
What we've been promised is life & a chance to chase our dreams

So dream girl, dream
Find your happiness at any extreme
And we will find our love in the sky
Even if that means in the heavens,after our souls & the earth are no longer tied~
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Thursday, July 25, 2013


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I would hate me too,if you did to me what I did to you
Trying to figure out these life lessons man,but I really don't have a clue
They love the fake smiles, but I'd rather cry to show you what I feel is true
If I could go back,the things I would do
I just continue to go day by day,
Still looking for a way, to truly get away
But you were my getaway,
we use to talk everyday
Now you cross my mind,but I don't know what to say
I let everything else get in the way
I thought playing games were suppose to be easy to play
But I can't and I won't
If your heart's not in it then don't
The pressure leaves,but it always grows back
I always tell my mom I'll call her the next day but I never call back
I guess I'm just trying to grow
If I don't do it alone,how else will I know
Got alot of pride,so I hate asking for help
But don't mind helping others,
 I just pray,that if I don't make it God will look after my mom & little brothers
That's all I ever had,that's all I really know
I put my heart in these poems,because on a day to day basis This side to me isn't what I really show
I try to bring others up,instead of bringing them down
After my first friend killed himself,I promised to fix any frown
Listen to your heart,that's the most important sound
And I'm always here,even if I'm not physically around..

They'll hate you,until they love you,then they'll hate you again
Said bye to alot of people,I wonder if it's my cards to ever see them again
Was so attached,all you had to say was when
And I was there,never get it confused girl,I will always care
I'm not sure if perfect exists,but we could of been a perfect pair
My dad is trying to connect,but I don't want to reconnect
 No, I 'm not bitter,I just feel some things are easier to forget
Don't be like the others,and neglect the ones you should protect
I guess this is how life is,are you willing to try and change it or just be one of those people who don't try & accept
And we're just trying to live out our dreams at any means
Not everything is what it seems
You live & you learn,like it or not,
It's burn or get burned
I hate how life's just turned,into how much you can earn
Instead of how much you can love or learn
Do you still read...for some reason I still believe
I need to know you haven't forgot
You should know who I am,and what I'm not
Made a mistake a got to live with forever
All good things come to a end,but never say never
What's the perfect person if its not the perfect time
That's probably one of my favorite lines
That,and when a heart breaks,it don't break even
Is karma about letting go,or getting even

In my world, our story never ends
As much as we pretend
We either go from friends to enemies or enemies to friends
We all believe in different things..
But if we can't believe in each other..
What do we really believe in.
I hope love is still something you believe in
Don't ever give up
If it doesn't happen now,then it has to happen soon
Just erase all the negativity so love will have room
Use your smile to change the world,don't allow the world to change your smile
Your dreams will come true,it just sometimes takes a while
Before I go, there's something you should know
I just had to go,even if I had no where to go
My own thoughts haunt me before I go to sleep
It takes a strong heart to continue to love, and it's hate that makes a heart weak
And we don't need words to speak
What we shared...will always be unique
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Than Okay..

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Respecting the moment,respecting the time
The night is quiet,but when you're alone at night,a million thoughts run through your mind
If there was one line,just one line
To make that one thing yours,To make that one thing mine
Would you say it?or lose your chance to a different time
Sometimes I watch the sky,just searching for a sign
You have to take a moment,you have to enjoy what you have,life without enjoyment should be crime
It's like they locked me up & threw away the key,
I don't think I've ever seen such a soul so beautifully~
I can't play the piano,I can't play the harp
But I can give you my heart & promise to always play my part
Trying to save everything I can,I have a plan like Noah's Ark
But somethings can't be saved,I now see people who I use to wave
To,but nothing last forever,yes this is true
So now we just turn away
And simply just say 'Hey'
How do some people make it throughout the day
How do they sleep at night
But I can't judge, I'm no more wrong...than I am right
Never have I flown a kite
But I can imagine what it feels like
A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet
And a soul mate is just a stranger you haven't  noticed yet
The first step is always the biggest step
Maybe they can't handle a mile in your shoes
In this game of love,where are the rules
And who wrote them
If someone is falling for you,should you do what is polite & hold them
Or let them fall,into a never ending fall
You lose that sense of fear,once you feel you've experienced it all
Some girls say all men are the same,and some men think all girls are crazy,but who ever said to try them all
Once you find your other half,the world will start to feel small
If I can steal a quote 'Life isn't about how much times you get knocked down,but how many times you choose to get up & stand tall'
No one is perfect,but I promise you we are worth it
Make a wish,and watch it fly away
I want for you to be more,way more than just okay..
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Won't Stop

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I just want to hear some words that are true
After all the lies,your ears don't know what to do
So much heartbreak,your heart doesn't know what to do
And after so much death,it's like life doesn't have a clue
But I have hope,so I stay close & do my best
I've seen a lot of ones before me fall & stay down,and I don't want to be like the rest
Got a couple of little brothers who look up to me
So I realize what I do,could scar them for eternity
Not enough of us,care what our actions do,and how they affect others
In a society where most dads are ghost so it's up to the mothers
If you could change one thing,what would it be
My change would probably be,that people would use more of their heart to see
Because with our eyes,we've built such a delusional vision of what beautiful should be
And if America is the land of the free,why do they lock so much of our people up..and throw away the key?
There has to be a better way to deal with these things,believe me
Not enough people care,and the ones who do are never heard
The news you see on T.V is so controlled now,I wouldn't believe a word
Let me take it back,I'm going in a little too deep
Can't expose it all at once,gotta take it slow & be discreet
Never had to hold a gun or sell drugs on the street
But I can only imagine how it is in a environment where,there is no love for the weak
Sad to say,but there will probably be some murders will never hear about by the end of this week

Not alot of what people think,is ever said
Because before you even get a word out,you've already been read
By how you walk,how you look, how you dress
All these stupid judgement,just leads to so much unneeded stress
We always try to impress the ones who don't deserve our best
Society has us in a fight against each other,how about we change the test
But not all is bad,some is good
You have to remember,you can do all the things..they say you never could
Take that look in the mirror and change I would
To I will
Kill them with kindness,they won't know how to feel
I only want to see tears if they're real
And eye for an eye..and the world goes blind..that's such a bad deal

You have to be the change you want to see
Be willing to fight whatever you believe in ,at any degree
Love yourself & stay true
Don't be afraid to be different, just be you...
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Sunday, July 7, 2013


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The hope to be something better
The heart to be something more
The desire to win
But the strength to still keep your heart pure

The knowledge to know better
The wits to know when to fight back
The defense of hate is love
How I wish everyone knew that

How much until we grow
How much do we pretend we don't know
The reflection in the mirror
Just how much does that really show

Love lost
Love never found
How high are the Gods
And will they ever touch the ground

We push each other far
We want each other close
We send mix messages
We act like we mean the least,but in all honestly we mean the most

What will be next
What does the world have in store
What makes you happy
What can we do more

Holding on to something
or I'm I holding on to nothing
Holding on the past
But I still have hope the future will have something

Leaving anything behind that holds me back
Leaving my heart where I stand
Leaving the rumors to find the truth
Leaving the thoughts of a boy,getting closer to being a man

You mean more than you think
You should see all that you think
You should never stop following your dreams
Rule #1,love yourself by any means

What would you do to prove a point
The real question is that point really worth being proven
Some of us have been tricked into doing anything to be chosen
Doing certain things for the wrong attention
I remember the days when I was school when I actually used to pay attention
Now my mind is somewhere else,in another dimension
Do you believe in love or lust..I hope your pride isn't in question
The answer is sometimes simple,it's simple to over think
They say you only get one chance,so don't blink
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Monday, July 1, 2013


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Sometimes I get the feeling that I just want to runaway
But I learned that I'm not running from anything or anyone except myself so how can I possible get away
I work throughout the night now,so the night is my day
I guess my other poems didn't make it to you,so much for wishing you were okay
It's stupid the games we commit to play
One day we'll both wake up..hopefully one day
And some day soon..the damage will just add up,and the worlds almost doomed
How far is the end?Why do we both pretend?
Why did we end?Getting back together is something I always pretend
I really need to spend some time to unlock my third eye,the insight that would lend
Seeing the world through a different means
Nothing last forever,as least that's the way it seems
Wish we weren't playing on different teams
Could we both ever win?
How much sin can God forgive?
So now I just tattoo the pain,that's probably the closest I can get from hitting a vein
Maybe sometimes we go a little crazy,but crazy in this world seems sane
Back to running away..I just need to escape
Always been real with everyone,now they just erase what we did for each other..and treat me like I was fake
That's cool though,that just adds fuel to the fire
I'm going to make it one day..with or without your desire
Use to be someone you admire/adore...funny enough I'm someone you would kick out your door
But they say,girls only say 'I hate you' to the boys they love
Some days I just sit & wonder,if Heavens the highest point..or is it possible to go higher above
I could never be's just that
How could you allow her to stab me in the back..and not stab back
I'm writing right now,instead of doing my math homework
I'll be having my own place soon,and I'm not even sure how that will work
But I guess it has to be done,These dorms kids believe drinking is the only way to have fun
When did I change?When did I give in
Heard someone I admire say,'In this game,you only lose when you fight back' but I have a feeling
this way I can never win
Maybe I'm too in touch with who I am within
I've always been more soulful than the others
We always created our own little world,while cuddling under the covers
Just so much I can say,years go by,and the feelings choose to stay
Friends...just friends...there has to be another way
Sometimes out of nowhere,my heart & mind hit replay
If only we could go back..the price I would pay

That first verse went too smooth
Damn,what happened must of really put me in a off mood
I have a busy month,I have to stay focused
But I still owe you alot of credit,because before you I was basically hopeless
What you saw in me,I couldn't tell
I was so lost,I probably would've followed the Devil to hell
Just a play on words...Don't take it too serious
But what do you feel now..I'm always so curious
We have this wall built up,so now everything seems mysterious
Knowing,that it's going to be hard to find significant others who will deal with us
Troubled from the beginning,Troubled from the start
I can't paint or anything like you,but I still see love as an art
Sometimes I hate writing,because I give away too much,and get back less than half in return
One day I should just say goodbye,that would be the day I learn
But this is a two way street,all the followers & random visitors deserve a turn
Being loved by the person you love,is something we all yearn
Out of nowhere you just appear
We even use to make plans of you coming here
Where did they all go?
I guess they ran away...something I wish my heart did a long time ago..
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