Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love In The Sky

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This world's not for us,it's not what it seems
What we've been promised is death & broken dreams
And maybe a little bit of happiness in between
But where does a king look,when searching for his queen
The good ones are hard to find
Because now we only tend to see with our eyes since it's lust that occupies our minds
We say we want love,but what do we do
Ignore the ones who care, and continue chase the ones who if the tables were turned,wouldn't chase after you
Will we find our love in the sky?
What about all the promises to never say goodbye?
When will all these tears dry?
Why can't I stop asking why? Why
Didn't things work out,
I guess it wasn't meant to be
No matter how hard we try,
There is no way of deleting history
Only way is to cover it up with lies
Which only prolongs the cries

And the teary eyes
I want to take you higher,higher than the birds can fly
I want to take you higher,higher than where the angels go after we die
I want to take you higher,higher than high
Girl,we can do long as our hearts are both willing to try
First we need to learn how to dream
Reality can be mean
We all try to emulate someone of something which we see on the tv or computer screen
When did we lose the feeling of us?
When did life lose its rush?
When did we forget how to touch?
When did my enough not become enough?
Now I'm falling,falling from the sky
Love was my drug & I'm no longer high
Looking down below,I have no one to catch me
Beacause I pushed everyone away,don't even ask me
Why or who,or even how I did
I've just always felt alone,ever since I was a kid
But this isn't about me,it's about us
The easiest thing to break,but the hardiest thing to trust
No love lost.No love maybe sometimes losing is a must
This world's is for us,it's what it seems
What we've been promised is life & a chance to chase our dreams

So dream girl, dream
Find your happiness at any extreme
And we will find our love in the sky
Even if that means in the heavens,after our souls & the earth are no longer tied~
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