Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Won't Stop

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I just want to hear some words that are true
After all the lies,your ears don't know what to do
So much heartbreak,your heart doesn't know what to do
And after so much death,it's like life doesn't have a clue
But I have hope,so I stay close & do my best
I've seen a lot of ones before me fall & stay down,and I don't want to be like the rest
Got a couple of little brothers who look up to me
So I realize what I do,could scar them for eternity
Not enough of us,care what our actions do,and how they affect others
In a society where most dads are ghost so it's up to the mothers
If you could change one thing,what would it be
My change would probably be,that people would use more of their heart to see
Because with our eyes,we've built such a delusional vision of what beautiful should be
And if America is the land of the free,why do they lock so much of our people up..and throw away the key?
There has to be a better way to deal with these things,believe me
Not enough people care,and the ones who do are never heard
The news you see on T.V is so controlled now,I wouldn't believe a word
Let me take it back,I'm going in a little too deep
Can't expose it all at once,gotta take it slow & be discreet
Never had to hold a gun or sell drugs on the street
But I can only imagine how it is in a environment where,there is no love for the weak
Sad to say,but there will probably be some murders will never hear about by the end of this week

Not alot of what people think,is ever said
Because before you even get a word out,you've already been read
By how you walk,how you look, how you dress
All these stupid judgement,just leads to so much unneeded stress
We always try to impress the ones who don't deserve our best
Society has us in a fight against each other,how about we change the test
But not all is bad,some is good
You have to remember,you can do all the things..they say you never could
Take that look in the mirror and change I would
To I will
Kill them with kindness,they won't know how to feel
I only want to see tears if they're real
And eye for an eye..and the world goes blind..that's such a bad deal

You have to be the change you want to see
Be willing to fight whatever you believe in ,at any degree
Love yourself & stay true
Don't be afraid to be different, just be you...
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