Monday, July 1, 2013


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Sometimes I get the feeling that I just want to runaway
But I learned that I'm not running from anything or anyone except myself so how can I possible get away
I work throughout the night now,so the night is my day
I guess my other poems didn't make it to you,so much for wishing you were okay
It's stupid the games we commit to play
One day we'll both wake up..hopefully one day
And some day soon..the damage will just add up,and the worlds almost doomed
How far is the end?Why do we both pretend?
Why did we end?Getting back together is something I always pretend
I really need to spend some time to unlock my third eye,the insight that would lend
Seeing the world through a different means
Nothing last forever,as least that's the way it seems
Wish we weren't playing on different teams
Could we both ever win?
How much sin can God forgive?
So now I just tattoo the pain,that's probably the closest I can get from hitting a vein
Maybe sometimes we go a little crazy,but crazy in this world seems sane
Back to running away..I just need to escape
Always been real with everyone,now they just erase what we did for each other..and treat me like I was fake
That's cool though,that just adds fuel to the fire
I'm going to make it one day..with or without your desire
Use to be someone you admire/adore...funny enough I'm someone you would kick out your door
But they say,girls only say 'I hate you' to the boys they love
Some days I just sit & wonder,if Heavens the highest point..or is it possible to go higher above
I could never be's just that
How could you allow her to stab me in the back..and not stab back
I'm writing right now,instead of doing my math homework
I'll be having my own place soon,and I'm not even sure how that will work
But I guess it has to be done,These dorms kids believe drinking is the only way to have fun
When did I change?When did I give in
Heard someone I admire say,'In this game,you only lose when you fight back' but I have a feeling
this way I can never win
Maybe I'm too in touch with who I am within
I've always been more soulful than the others
We always created our own little world,while cuddling under the covers
Just so much I can say,years go by,and the feelings choose to stay
Friends...just friends...there has to be another way
Sometimes out of nowhere,my heart & mind hit replay
If only we could go back..the price I would pay

That first verse went too smooth
Damn,what happened must of really put me in a off mood
I have a busy month,I have to stay focused
But I still owe you alot of credit,because before you I was basically hopeless
What you saw in me,I couldn't tell
I was so lost,I probably would've followed the Devil to hell
Just a play on words...Don't take it too serious
But what do you feel now..I'm always so curious
We have this wall built up,so now everything seems mysterious
Knowing,that it's going to be hard to find significant others who will deal with us
Troubled from the beginning,Troubled from the start
I can't paint or anything like you,but I still see love as an art
Sometimes I hate writing,because I give away too much,and get back less than half in return
One day I should just say goodbye,that would be the day I learn
But this is a two way street,all the followers & random visitors deserve a turn
Being loved by the person you love,is something we all yearn
Out of nowhere you just appear
We even use to make plans of you coming here
Where did they all go?
I guess they ran away...something I wish my heart did a long time ago..
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