Thursday, July 25, 2013


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I would hate me too,if you did to me what I did to you
Trying to figure out these life lessons man,but I really don't have a clue
They love the fake smiles, but I'd rather cry to show you what I feel is true
If I could go back,the things I would do
I just continue to go day by day,
Still looking for a way, to truly get away
But you were my getaway,
we use to talk everyday
Now you cross my mind,but I don't know what to say
I let everything else get in the way
I thought playing games were suppose to be easy to play
But I can't and I won't
If your heart's not in it then don't
The pressure leaves,but it always grows back
I always tell my mom I'll call her the next day but I never call back
I guess I'm just trying to grow
If I don't do it alone,how else will I know
Got alot of pride,so I hate asking for help
But don't mind helping others,
 I just pray,that if I don't make it God will look after my mom & little brothers
That's all I ever had,that's all I really know
I put my heart in these poems,because on a day to day basis This side to me isn't what I really show
I try to bring others up,instead of bringing them down
After my first friend killed himself,I promised to fix any frown
Listen to your heart,that's the most important sound
And I'm always here,even if I'm not physically around..

They'll hate you,until they love you,then they'll hate you again
Said bye to alot of people,I wonder if it's my cards to ever see them again
Was so attached,all you had to say was when
And I was there,never get it confused girl,I will always care
I'm not sure if perfect exists,but we could of been a perfect pair
My dad is trying to connect,but I don't want to reconnect
 No, I 'm not bitter,I just feel some things are easier to forget
Don't be like the others,and neglect the ones you should protect
I guess this is how life is,are you willing to try and change it or just be one of those people who don't try & accept
And we're just trying to live out our dreams at any means
Not everything is what it seems
You live & you learn,like it or not,
It's burn or get burned
I hate how life's just turned,into how much you can earn
Instead of how much you can love or learn
Do you still read...for some reason I still believe
I need to know you haven't forgot
You should know who I am,and what I'm not
Made a mistake a got to live with forever
All good things come to a end,but never say never
What's the perfect person if its not the perfect time
That's probably one of my favorite lines
That,and when a heart breaks,it don't break even
Is karma about letting go,or getting even

In my world, our story never ends
As much as we pretend
We either go from friends to enemies or enemies to friends
We all believe in different things..
But if we can't believe in each other..
What do we really believe in.
I hope love is still something you believe in
Don't ever give up
If it doesn't happen now,then it has to happen soon
Just erase all the negativity so love will have room
Use your smile to change the world,don't allow the world to change your smile
Your dreams will come true,it just sometimes takes a while
Before I go, there's something you should know
I just had to go,even if I had no where to go
My own thoughts haunt me before I go to sleep
It takes a strong heart to continue to love, and it's hate that makes a heart weak
And we don't need words to speak
What we shared...will always be unique
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