Sunday, July 7, 2013


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The hope to be something better
The heart to be something more
The desire to win
But the strength to still keep your heart pure

The knowledge to know better
The wits to know when to fight back
The defense of hate is love
How I wish everyone knew that

How much until we grow
How much do we pretend we don't know
The reflection in the mirror
Just how much does that really show

Love lost
Love never found
How high are the Gods
And will they ever touch the ground

We push each other far
We want each other close
We send mix messages
We act like we mean the least,but in all honestly we mean the most

What will be next
What does the world have in store
What makes you happy
What can we do more

Holding on to something
or I'm I holding on to nothing
Holding on the past
But I still have hope the future will have something

Leaving anything behind that holds me back
Leaving my heart where I stand
Leaving the rumors to find the truth
Leaving the thoughts of a boy,getting closer to being a man

You mean more than you think
You should see all that you think
You should never stop following your dreams
Rule #1,love yourself by any means

What would you do to prove a point
The real question is that point really worth being proven
Some of us have been tricked into doing anything to be chosen
Doing certain things for the wrong attention
I remember the days when I was school when I actually used to pay attention
Now my mind is somewhere else,in another dimension
Do you believe in love or lust..I hope your pride isn't in question
The answer is sometimes simple,it's simple to over think
They say you only get one chance,so don't blink
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