Monday, March 27, 2017

Be Kind..

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You proved me right..I just hope you know, I know..The difference between us is really starting to show..Holding on to letting go..Who would have ever guessed you would stoop this low..

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste 
Hearts & souls should mean more to us than materialistic things and a pretty face 
Running from my past in my dreams, hoping to one day wake up knowing I won that race
"Treat others how you want to be treated" but actually receiving that love back is hardly ever the case
You could do a million & one things for someone, but say "no" once and all of a sudden they'll only see your mistakes
There comes a time when we just need to distance ourselves from it all and simply take a break
I truly believe you're destined for something better, don't you ever doubt your faith ..   
Good things come to those who wait, so sometimes our blessings arrive a little bit late..

No point on looking back, because thats not where we want to be..
The future holds no boundaries, so they're no limitations the universe can place on you & me..
They've put a lock on our free thinking, so believing in your abilities is the first step to finding the key
We have to remove the words "I can't" & replace them with "I do"
I no longer watch the news, since I see an entire new world every time I look at you
They only want to keep us distracted & filled with so much fear
When in reality we really are capable of loving one another, I just had to make that clear

I see it, I see it everyday
I see people worry more about how their appearance is viewed by others,
rather than care on the inside, if they're really okay..
F. Douglass said "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"
Even as child our boys are taught not to cry, so if not now then when
We're really never allowed to show our true emotions, and that's the wrong message to send

So work on loving you, before you work on anything else
Depending on others for happiness can vanish any moment, you have to create happiness for yourself
You have to do what's right for you every single time
We all make mistakes so don't worry, you'll be fine
I just want you to trust yourself, your heart, your soul, your mind
An eye for an eye and the world goes blind
May your words be forever gentle, and may your actions be kind..
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Miles & Miles..

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How many hearts do I have to touch before I'm remembered as a good person?
I just want to get to the point where everything's okay and I can tell my mom she can stop working...
Since she has been doing it alone ever since I could remember..
None of us want to see our parents having to work forever..
Maybe this is the motivation I need to help me get myself together..
I've been doing okay, but I know I can do better..
Started keeping more & more thoughts to myself, but maybe this can inspire someone else.. so I‘ll make this an open letter..

I've seen the days where I no longer wanted to see anything..
But now I'm conscious & I want to heal everything..
So much pain in this world, and it makes me wonder why..
We were placed here to love, not to treat each other like we don't matter and die..
I still think of Cassita every-time I look into the sky.. 
Our bond was so powerful man, just writing that line alone...had me on the urge of wanting to cry..
You can only understand that once you‘ve lost someone so special..
You have to do it for them, the ones who are shining with the stars, we can't just settle..
We haven't even reached our peak yet, we still have so much great things left to do..
I hope one of these days, you wake up...look in the mirror... and you can honestly be proud of you..
That's probably one of the most important things..
Yeah it's nice to feel love from everyone on the outside, but none of that will matter if you don't love yourself from within.. 
The day you start to treat yourself like your #1, that's the day when you really start to win..

What more can I say?
We all have those times when it feels like life will never go our way..
But eventually it does, and we start to see everything falling into place..
Life is a journey, it isn't a race..
Enjoy the present moment, get to where you want to go at your own pace..
Though it may seem unreachable at times, know that anything you dream...can also be a reality just takes time & passion to create
Keep people in your circle who are supportive but realistic and who can relate..
Find a place where your comfortable, with no desire to escape
The love will always be there, it just usually gets over shadowed by all the hate
Everyday we have a chance to make a difference, I hope you will use yours before its too late..

I‘ve searched miles and miles for someone like you
Our love is the greatest gift...there isn't anything we can't do..

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Until I See You Again..

Looking through these pictures Cassita, you were always by my side
You always had a smile on your face,your wings were the only things you could hide
Now I'm scrambling, trying to make sense of it all
You were highest on my list,how did we fail and let you fall
I'm here trying to convince everyone not to be so sad
But I wasn't there to see you get resuscitated three times, I can't even picture it being that bad
But you fought for a whole day,even when all your organs were failing
I've just been in this daze.I can't really comprehend everything our family is saying
You were only 24,with so much live left to live
I made it to 25,I would give you my extra year,that's how much you deserved to live
Every time we spoke,it was always good vibes,
I guess this is 'Until we see each other again' since you know I'm not really good with good byes
Thinking of all the good,even though right now all we feel is the bad
I know we can all agree within the family Cass,that you were one of the best we ever had

I'm guilty of not doing everything I knew I could do
We got so distant because of me,and everything I was going through
But you never held it against me, you were always my sun on a cloudy day
You were always my umbrella on a rainy day
You were always my voice when I couldn't find the things to say
So now I'll speak for you..Thanh will always be family..since he stayed by your side too
Life isn't fair,this is true
We always wait until it's to late..
To send flowers and say I love you..
So I love you, I love you., I'll say it again
They say you're in a better place now..I'll be counting down the days until I get to see you again
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

4 My 1..

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Some people settle for less,but I waited for a girl like you. I always promised myself,my search will continue until I find the best..
So now that I found you, you're the one I plan to keep..
With you anything is possible,we could find happiness just by walking down the street..

I want to wake you up..but I'd rather watch you sleep..
I slowly started letting everyone else go..since you're the only one I plan to keep..
Damn, maybe I should be a little bit more discreet ..
But you're the girl I used to always dream about..the girl I never thought I'd meet..
So since you're the girl of my dreams..I choose to watch you sleep..I prefer to watch you sleep..
Sometime I close my eyes just to open them again to see if you're really there..
From day one I was amazed on how much you truly cared..
A love like this, helps me understand why all the other girls before you failed..
A love like we've been together all of our takes me so high..I can look down on Heaven from the first stair..
That's the feeling I get when I'm staring at you..
Vincent van Gough, Pablo Picasso & Leonardo da Vinci couldn't paint a prettier view..
So it's only me and & I..
I promise to always try, feeling like the rest of the world doesn't matter, whenever we stare eye to eye..
One of your tears are worth a thousand years..
For each tear you shed is how long I promise to be there..

Isabell, they could never tell..
How hard I fell,
How much this is real
How much you're my fantasy 
Maybe in a past life you would of been referred to as my majesty
I'm happy you didn't swipe past me..
How did I ever get so lucky? Is a question I always ask me..

And you just woke up…..
They say actions speak louder than words
But it feels like my heart was silent before,but when it connected with yours it spoke up..
And now it talks to me everyday..It doesn't want to be without you anyday..

It's not even Valentine's Day, but it doesn't have to be a special day for me to write a poem for you..
It always feels like Christmas, my birthday & our honeymoon when I'm with you..
We haven't even had one yet,but I'm not stressing it…since I know it would be perfect..
I've been through a lot in my life… but long story make it all worth it
4 my 1…you made it all worth it…
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

If Only I Knew..

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Treat her like she's the only star you'll ever get to touch..
Give her all your time when she asks for should never be rushed..
Show her how much she means to you..even if you said it a couple days before..
Prove to her that your word is bond, and that your love is pure..
Don't just do the minimum for her birthdays or Valentines day..always do more..
Because 9/10 times, she's been hurt before you..and all your devotion can be the hidden cure..
Help her see that she's not only beautiful inside but also on the out..
Let her lower lips feel your passion,whenever you're kissing them with your mouth..
Talk to her,even when you don't have anything important to say..
Listen to her,and tell her she made your day..
Know when something is bothering her, and don't listen to when she says "I'm okay"
Hold her all through the night,until the sun rises up and the moon goes away..
Be loyal to her,and she will be loyal too..
You'll only find one love like won't get two..
And losing her forever..might be the stupidest thing you do..
So learn from my mistake,you don't want to be sitting there thinking..
If only I knew…
If only I knew
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

For Her..

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And when I find her..she will always feel loved.
Some may say I over do it..but I don’t want to half-ass love.

I want her to feel the strongest love ever.

For her to know that it’s possible for someone to love all her flaws which to me are perfections.
For her to never have to wonder if it’s real or not.
For her to never have to feel alone in this world.

Because none of us should ever have to feel alone..that’s one of the worst feelings out there.
So I do what I can,and love the only way I know how to.
And that’s with my everything..for her..she can have anything..

She wouldn't have to worry about girls,since none could ever compare to her..
She wouldn't have to worry about being left behind or left out..
since I'd always want to be near to her..

Because she will be the missing piece..that makes my world whole
Knowing I did my best to see her smile every chance I get, will be my ultimate goal

And when I find her..I will cherish her..even if we ever have to let go..To love & be loved..are the most important thing any of us could know..

So I write this for you..with hopes one day you may read it..
But by that'll know these weren't just words from a poet..they were thoughts of
a hopeless romantic, and I couldn't die until everything above was completed.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Waiting For You..

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Will you ever see, that I'm waiting for you..
The wind whispers your name,and the clouds spell it out too..

Yesterday has come & gone..
Why have I waited for you so long..

I stare at my window,I gaze at my clock..
All I see is old couples holding hands,I desire a love like that,
One that will never stop..

I see your face everywhere I go,no matter where I look..
It seems that along with my heart,my sanity is also something you took..

So when will you see,that I'm waiting for you..
They say love is blind,but even then, all I'll ever see is you..
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