Saturday, August 2, 2014

For Her..

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And when I find her..she will always feel loved.
Some may say I over do it..but I don’t want to half-ass love.

I want her to feel the strongest love ever.

For her to know that it’s possible for someone to love all her flaws which to me are perfections.
For her to never have to wonder if it’s real or not.
For her to never have to feel alone in this world.

Because none of us should ever have to feel alone..that’s one of the worst feelings out there.
So I do what I can,and love the only way I know how to.
And that’s with my everything..for her..she can have anything..

She wouldn't have to worry about girls,since none could ever compare to her..
She wouldn't have to worry about being left behind or left out..
since I'd always want to be near to her..

Because she will be the missing piece..that makes my world whole
Knowing I did my best to see her smile every chance I get, will be my ultimate goal

And when I find her..I will cherish her..even if we ever have to let go..To love & be loved..are the most important thing any of us could know..

So I write this for you..with hopes one day you may read it..
But by that'll know these weren't just words from a poet..they were thoughts of
a hopeless romantic, and I couldn't die until everything above was completed.
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