Monday, February 28, 2011

Life as It Is

We can fly as high as the dreams we dare to live
We can only take so much from this life as we care to give
We can grow only if we are in the presence of the light
We can always rise above any defeat since our minds are always right

I think we are all given a choice to speak up or stay quiet
I think we are all pushed to run towards our dreams or try and fight it
I know a lot of people are full of 'it' so they're on the wrong diet
I know that war doesn't make peace,so love cant equal a riot

Cant fight war vs war & overcome terror with terror
The only way to be the try and do better
Only way to see the to bear the bad weather
The only was for us to live in this world as to do it together

Mirror's show the reflections of us,and how well you just a reflection of trust
Miracles take time to blossom while bad times may come in a rush
Make haste with your visions but doing it carefully is a must
Mind what you say & what you do...since ashes to ashes, dust is to dust

Trying to find the good in evil,
Trying to make night out of day,
Learned evil is just evil,
So I wasted my time of day,

Look up at the stars,
and try to count them all,
It is what it is
so you saw what you saw

the harder the struggle.....the better the success
its all about your will power being put to the test

remember when we were little we all just wanted to grow up
but its like the older we got the faster the problems are thrown up

im always around,but never really there
but your always on my mind,so you being forgotten is something you wont have to fear....

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Need A Doctor

The moment is here,the vision is clear
whatever we have now,is good enough to get us there
So im laying there,looking at you
you look so helpless & defenseless
I just don't know what to do
you smile at me and say that everything we be ok
but how did all of this happen so fast,
things weren't suppose to end up this way
but I will stay here forever
wont ever leave your side
ask me anything,everything
I don't have anything to hide
and you were so optimistic
anytime,anywhere you were down to ride
No letting you go,If you go,Im gone too
Hated by many & loved by so few
Nothing in this world makes sense
your the only logically clue
None of my pieces to this puzzle will fit
The doctor gives me this look I can tell this is it

It seems you need a doctor
and I need one as well
Like Lupe Fiasco said
"A match made in heaven set the fires in hell"
So we're burning them up
No way to cool us down
Your what I see when I look up
Whats the point of looking down
A heavy heartbeat is what you give
what an swift adrenaline rush
Telling lies are so easy,while accepting the truth is so rough

I see a sparkle in your eye,your the brightest star
Our love was so close,time just made it far
It seems you made it out ok,but now I'm the one who needs help
I walk around like nothing bothers me,so me expressing these words always help
And no one can ever understand the pain we have felt
They only know how to take our happiness which causes grief to be dealt
Buckle up now,Fasten your belt
Doctor was right,you were too hot for your own good
so you made everything melt
The last thing I do is open my eyes
What a nightmare I had,what a horrible surprise

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Trying to figure out where should I start
Wondering if your mission was to destroy me.......or just rip me apart
I see hate as destruction and love as a art
Even if I drew you the perfect picture you would still find some way to mess up the part
Didn't know we were living life as a movie,
but somehow you call it to a 'end'
But I call for a sequel or a take what happens then
I guess nothing....but nothing will turn into something & nobody will turn to somebody
And I will love that somebody as longs as she's promises to never give nothing to nobody
Meaning she will belong to me and I will belong to her
I hope I'm hitting you with all the right words...I hope you don't differ
Or prefer
Me to think a little different
Everybody is acting the same,so I'm just looking for somebody different
So it's back to square one,I hear people say being together makes them happy,while living the single life is fun
I just want over to get over this next stage,I just want to be done

Love is like a grenade
In the wrong hands it can be a deadly weapon,it can save a life and at the same time destroy one
And once you throw it to somebody...there is no getting it back
But in the right hands it only causes a threat but will cause no harm
They are both equipped with a timer ,and when the timer goes off,they explode
Explode into tiny little fragments,and no matter how hard you try,
they can never be put back together,so you will just be stuck with the pieces
the remembrance of what was before
So the next time love comes knocking on your door
Just run for cover,since grenades are bound to blow up for sure.....

and I have a part two to it
and we shouldn't of went through it
but whats done is done,so it looks like we cant re do it
take my apologizes, loves invisible like air
and all is fair in war,so sorry if it doesn't feel fair

Any last words.nothing left to say
our hearts brighten.the sky is gray
pain rolls up.regret drifts away.
tomorrow never comes. only a better day.
no looking back.this was the only way

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Russian Roulette pt.1

One step forward,so many steps back
you make sure before we do this,since there is no looking back
So I hold your hand,and you close your eyes
I take a deep breath,our blood flow starts to rise
Everything starts to look blurry,The temperature changed from cold to hot
Promised to take it slow,so Im sorry if I'm not
Pain after pleasure....or pleasure before pain
Whichever way you look at it,after this, nothing will be the same
The suspense is strong,the resistance is weak
Trying to avoid the resolution,but somehow remain the peak
Will they ever find out?Will anyone even know?
Time flies by so fast,while happiness is moving so slow
We both take a deep breath,and let out a sigh
How did we end up here,does even God know why
Maybe this was just meant to happen,just you and me
I guess all the secrets eventually come out,once you find the missing key
So now no more cover ups,I can see the naked truth
No more talk,but you got me on the line like a caller in a telephone booth
Don't want this to end,now you have to be more than a friend
It was only a matter of time though,just had to figure out when
Caught in the moment,didn't want to let it go
Feels like we're being watched,like we're putting on a show
But we are all alone,under the dark sky
Your such an angel minus the wings so you cant fly
You ask me to hold you down,I say of course
Learned the lesson of my life,what a flawless course
You were a 'A+' and I was a 'B'
They say if you love something you set it free
So now I just keep to myself and let you be
You broke your promise,so I lost your word
Seems your lie,was the sweetest thing I heard
Playing Russian Roulette with love with a bullet in the chamber
Didn't see the warning signs from the beginning,so we're just left with danger.....
This is just part one,so you have to wait until part two
Hope you didn't misinterpret my words,since a lot of people do.......

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweetest Girl

,& I don't know what is better
To have loved her & lost her....or maybe to not even have met her
So everyday thoughts go back & fourth,wondering to dig up the past & go back...or just leave it all behind and move forth
Since you always have such a heavy guard up,have your true emotions surrounded like a fort
To love somebody in this world has a high cost,but some people can turn that high cost of love into zero worth
But most boys are taught from birth,to treat women with respect and kindness and that will help things work
What happens when is doesn't?Should you really change for the next girl that comes along
They say following your heart is a sign of weakness & following your mind in strong
But something is incorrect with that equation...It must be all wrong
Our mind is impacted by all these negative & false influences while our heart only knows one love & beloved so I thinks thats where it all belongs
So if you find the sweetest girl ever....hold onto her since when a good girl turns bad.....she's gone forever
Writing down a rap,poem or maybe even a letter
Weathered all the storms,so now just waiting for the rainbow and clear weather
 I want to hope....but then I asked my friends have they seen this girl....then the last thing I heard...
was never..
found the above image on the internet,incase its to blurry to read:this is what it says"There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she’s blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He’s always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she can see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “now that you can see the world, will you marry me?” The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend is blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying. “Just take care of my eyes dear.”"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fall For Your Type....Same Mistakes

Left me behind and so now I cant catch up
when your in love you float so high but we made a mistake so now nobody can catch us...
So we're falling.....falling fast
I don't think things were meant to be like this,we were suppose to last
But I do remember the last time I saw you face & the last things I said to you
It was our goodbye so I had no idea what the hell I was suppose to say to you....
The things this life puts us through
It's like we're crash test dummies for failure,but hope got us stuck like glue
And I sticked it out no matter  how bad things went
 Now Im broke with no love,look at all the things I spend my love on,now everything's been spent
So should I blame you or should I blame me
Because since we became distant I'm no longer the same me
And that doesn't sound like the sane me
but this life will drive you crazy so maybe thats the insane me
Ever thought that the reason your so frustrated with things is because you haven't seen me
We use to have the best of times....but I haven't had the chance to say that lately
Distance separates everything if you want to believe it or not
I guess the reason why people read a lot of love stories is because in reality we don't see that a lot
The only thing we see is divorces and break ups
And we were so strong we only had one major shake up
But our ground is still shaking and I just want to get things straight
I always fall for your type.......I always make the same mistake....

But what can I take for this heartbreak or heartache
I try to stomach my pride but refuse to act unharmed or too fake
So I act real and let you know how I feel
And hopefully me walking down this road will help me heal
since all this is feeling like some sort of overkill
thought I made a unspoken promise to cupid but it seems even he couldn't keep a deal
so who can I trust who can I run too
trying to keep my mind off of things but you still hover above me like a sun roof
and you were like the sun to me,so my days are no longer bright,check my thoughts if you want proof
this all your fault if you want the truth
but it seems you silence that & block out what you don't want to hear,how long have I been on mute
Actions speak louder than thats why I load up my thoughts and shoot
Will they hit you.....I don't even know
How can I correct my mistake if falling for your all I ever know?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make A Wish

Things had gotten so crazy....Things had got so out of hand
From doing things impromptu way,To never following through with a plan
Trying to live life on the beach with your feet in the water and fingers running through the sand
Sand castles eventually come crumbling down,since nothing seems to last forever while we are breathing on this land
So you hold your breath and try to make it to the other side
Only problem is the other side isn't meant for you either so you wasted your breath on a choice we weren't meant to make....... this place is so unjustified
Maybe sometimes whats smart to do is whats best for you & loved ones,so push away your pride
Pride is sometimes foolish and can leave us building up and acting strong in front of others but when we are alone will be the same exact reason why we cried
Never giving up...even if I was the last person who tried
I told you I will always be here for you...And I still I' no one can say I ever lied
But I would lay it all on the line for you........
Pretend everyday is your close your eyes and make a wish....a matter of fact just make two*

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Only Exception.

I remember the first time I saw your face,I thought no one person could be so beautiful
but I guess you are...

I remember the first time I heard you laugh,it brought a smile on my face,
                                                                  since you are....

It seems we are on this roller coaster ride together....filled with highs & lows....twists & turns
but I want you to know that if this roller coaster ever stops and we have to get off to allow two other people have a chance for that lovely ride....that I enjoyed every second we spent together.No matter how fast or how slow the time went.....

And do you remember the first time you gave me that look into my eyes....... for that moment,everything just froze and all I could see is you.

Do you remember how late we would stay up...just to talk on the that our voices were the last one's we heard before we went to sleep.

Your a big part of me.....I have to admit...Some questions still remain about our future....but none remain about our past....Since we were happy and thats all that should ever matter...and I want you to know that I wouldn't of changed anything.....since 
And for you....I would give you the notes of my heart so you  can play the song of love to me...Play it so loud that  I can only know the sweet symphony of you...since you are...
And what better for me to give you.....but the sound of my words.....since these will stay with you forever.....since flowers eventually die....and chocolates disappear....but what I say today...will always be  available here....if you ever want to read them again....and the 'The Only Exception Song' by Paramore will forever be out theme song.....since once again....

Happy Valentines Day!

Love has no measure or time
Nor any face or feature'
It also has no boundaries or limits
So spread love not & everyday that follows
So when your final song stops playing....and your too old to dance
You can close your eyes and rejoice without any worries or shame
Since everyday we add another 'note' to our 'melody'
And it can either be a sad song...or a happy song
Which ever one it will be yours
So to day
you will
The Only Exception.And maybe we meant to meet a few wrong people,so when we finally meet that right one...will we be for certain.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A moment ago I thought everything was perfect
Now looking back......Im starting to think that maybe you weren't worth it
All the ups, and downs.....when I just wanted things to be straight
And I talk about a lot of love...since all we hear about is hate
In the news,papers and even our radios
But I'll give you a little piece of my heart,soul & mind in every there you go
Wish a had wings so I could spread them and fly
No matter where I go,I will always have these thoughts so there is no escaping why bother try

You look like an angel.....You sound like one too
Your beauty covers up all your sins...So what cant you do?
It seems like the whole world is handed to you at your feet
But I can see past your cover-ups and figure out that your heart is weak
It's in need of something that not many people cant offer
Why continue to act tough on the outside?But really we know inside your softer
Playing tricks on most people but really yourself
Money can buy most things in this world......except for mental health
So what I'm saying is get your inner thoughts & emotions together
Because if you cant love yourself first....the chances of you finding true happiness...are between not going to happen-----&---never

What do we gain out of this life?And what do we want from it?
Every morning we wake up,we sink deeper into the depths of it.But how do we get out from it.
Where do all these times go?where are all these feelings you don't show?
Why overtime I ask you a serious answer is basically 'I don't know'
Always thought with time.....maybe we would grow
But I must of thought I guess maybe I should go.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Song Of Midnight by Nathan Thomas

The song of midnight Cried out, and from that day on,i truly---- Wake up every morning,never changing dreams, and even though its the same,it still plays its trick on me, without me asked to be more open, my tears brought my feelings along, and became a small sea at my feet, The sky doesn't move,it's just the sun that comes and goes, The ground doesn't move either,just those who move upon it….
 The song of midnight Cried out, i truly hate being alone more than anything, From then on i realized what was important, all i need is a tiny spoon to scoop up the happiness, maybe soon enough i could share it with someone, Maybe if i showed more happiness, to those which never express optimism, But even so---- Those like me,sensitive to the cold,gaze upon the stars. 
The song of midnight Cried out, i truly hate being alone more than anything, I hate to go on living completely alone---- all i'd need is that tiny spoon, and someone to share it with-- 
The song of midnight cried out, i truly, truly….lonely…. even if to be consumed by the darkness, i'd stand side by side,to you, so you wont ever go alone,or sing out, whichever one's fine, As long as you're with me….to share it with me
                             -Nathan Thomas

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shining from Afar

I guess a silent answer,is better than no answer at all
having a phonebook full of numbers is just pointless with not knowing who to call
and most of us want the 'wings'.....but all of us just want to escape the fall
it's never fun being at the bottom,never sure what to do
thinking I've hit my boiling point,while watching my problems brew
or maybe thats just my chain of thought,tried to see things through a different view
millions of people living on this earth,but we only truly admire a few
since we started with this amount,its only right that we end with two

Two people,A husband & a wife
lets divorce death,so we may have eternal life
write your wishes down on a piece of paper and tape it to a kite
so no matter what happens to you,at least your wishes can take flight 
and they say aim for the moon so if you miss you can land on the stars
maybe its time to stop focusing on what they have.....and just be happy with whats ours
they can have the fancy life,and drive around all these different cars
fly in different planes & private jets and buy out all the bars
but they can never have,what you got,and thats how naturally beautiful you truly are

Even with the Sun shining bright.....I can still see you shining from afar

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Without a Trace

trying to keep my emotions in a safe now when you cross my mind...i just don't pick up the phone
and they say home is where the heart Im a long way from home
So i don't know when I will be back,so please stop asking me that
The only things I know thats true,is that im lost.....and thats the only fact
and remember when you give somebody your all.....there is no promise you will get even half of it back
and when that crap happens to the hell you suppose to react
so im searching for the answers,searching for the key
the question was would you be mine?but it seems the lock changes shape every time I find the key
nothing never works out,so im always stuck with these new beginnings
super bowl sunday so I guess the bright side of that is at least one team would be winning
but one team also has to lose,worked the whole year just to reach defeat
lets switch it up,find the girl you want to marry,purpose to her,she says yes,you think everything is ok,then she gets cold feet
people always looking at the surface of things,nobody ever wants to look beneath
peel away the layers and all the rough edges and if you find my 'heart' I would give it up for you to keep
but you have to bring some kinda case,since its not in a's in pieces ....kinda like an irreplaceable shattered vase
and that tattoo is permanent.....those times cant be erased
Guess I finally figured out why I don't look people in their eyes....when things go makes it much easier to forget the face
Im tripping,even though I want to finish the race
Thought I had all the pain I could mentally handle.....but look what you did......just created more space......and when Im gone...i'll be gone forever........fade away.........without a trace

Friday, February 4, 2011

Words I Never Said

The more I try & fight it,the more I seem to lose
The thing about out heart's is,only we can see & feel the pain kinda like an invisible bruise

Don't know whats worse,getting burned mentally or physically,
probably mentally since the pain on being burned on your flesh would fade eventually
And I would know since I got burned when I was little
Joy is so far away,Sadness is so close....why cant I just stay in the middle

So now Im stuck with my thoughts,stuck with my words
I just want to see some action,sick of hearing about the verbs
People always 'say',but never 'do'
Made me a promise to always cherish me,then broke it,now thats something you cant undo

Where do I go....How do I break out
Was searching for love,but seems she's on a different route,
Hoped that things were gonna move up,but just as I expected..... they all went south
So who the hell said I was happy?Because I know those words didn't come out my mouth

You didn't even look around,You didn't even look this way
Maybe better of that way....Because even if you did....I wouldn't know what to say

I'm only human,so I make mistakes
its hard to fit in when your real,in a world where everyone is expected to be fake
and thats no icing,thats no frosting on the cake
I just wrote down some of the words i never said.....
so I hope you can relate.
It's SoundsOfMyWords meets Words I Never Said
at least you will always have a piece of me
even when I'm dead....
I'm sorry...but these thoughts were becoming to loud....inside my head

Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey (Full Song w Lyrics) [Ne...

"I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence
Fear is such a weak emotion thats why I despise it
We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth
So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you
Sometimes I’m like the only person I feel safe to tell it to
I’m locked inside a cell in me, I know that there’s a jail in you
Consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few
My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally yelling through"-Lupe

[Skylar Grey]
It’s so loud Inside my head
With words that I should have said!
As I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said
I can’t take back the words I never said

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Harder to find,but easier to lose
Being the person who you want to a battle none of us should lose

At the end of if it....all we will have is memories
And I hope now or later you will remember me
Because throughout all the negative times I just tried to be bring you positive energy

Always there in spirit,maybe not in flesh
Always give it your all,even when there's nothing left
Never fear anything in this world,not even death
Thats the most peaceful time you have is eternal rest
I Love You so much that those same very words would be what I whisper if I only had one last breath
And remember when times don't feel right,maybe its just the clock thats not correct
It takes time for certain things to work out & thats something we cant control or set
Staring outside my window,looking to the sky wondering what God has in store for me next
Looking at a masterpiece is so simple,while creating it may be so hard & complexed

Thinking about it time & time & over again
That if we were living life as a message....would you be happy with the one you send?
Thought I would have to search all over for someone to connect too...silly thing deepest thoughts ended up being my closest friend....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Conquers All

Looked up at the sky....and saw this one cloud smile
I guess it was a little message from the man above ...thats means 'she wont be leaving you...she will stay with you for a while'
True thing is.....something as little as that made my day
Was dealing with some sort of depression that made me feel like to get away from it all....there was only one way
And thats something I dear not say
Lupe Fiasco's 2nd single (Words I Never Said)just got released so thats something you should youtube & press play
But back to my writing,Back to my words
It seems when I least expected them too,Is when the happiest times occurred
Never right to cage something up,clip it's thats no way to treat a bird
Even worse how we treat some of our own people...birds are meant to fly....we are meant to live & enjoy life so preventing us from doing what we were created to do..... is extremely absurd
I say this a lot but I really wonder what these people think
They always smile in your face and act all fake
but all that smiling changes and soon as your not looking....forget changing with the seasons...people seem to be able change within a blink
The days are long,the nights are longer
Thinking if I let her keep my heart I will be ok or if not....I couldn't be any wronger
But when you have that feeling...Lust~Infatuation~Love...which ever it continues to get stronger
I guess some love the thrill of the chase,while others hate to stay with one...they would prefer to wander
When its all said and done....I just want to be happy with her
and if so how long will the happiness last....this is something I will forever ponder..