Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make A Wish

Things had gotten so crazy....Things had got so out of hand
From doing things impromptu way,To never following through with a plan
Trying to live life on the beach with your feet in the water and fingers running through the sand
Sand castles eventually come crumbling down,since nothing seems to last forever while we are breathing on this land
So you hold your breath and try to make it to the other side
Only problem is the other side isn't meant for you either so you wasted your breath on a choice we weren't meant to make....... this place is so unjustified
Maybe sometimes whats smart to do is whats best for you & loved ones,so push away your pride
Pride is sometimes foolish and can leave us building up and acting strong in front of others but when we are alone will be the same exact reason why we cried
Never giving up...even if I was the last person who tried
I told you I will always be here for you...And I still I' no one can say I ever lied
But I would lay it all on the line for you........
Pretend everyday is your close your eyes and make a wish....a matter of fact just make two*

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