Friday, February 25, 2011

I Need A Doctor

The moment is here,the vision is clear
whatever we have now,is good enough to get us there
So im laying there,looking at you
you look so helpless & defenseless
I just don't know what to do
you smile at me and say that everything we be ok
but how did all of this happen so fast,
things weren't suppose to end up this way
but I will stay here forever
wont ever leave your side
ask me anything,everything
I don't have anything to hide
and you were so optimistic
anytime,anywhere you were down to ride
No letting you go,If you go,Im gone too
Hated by many & loved by so few
Nothing in this world makes sense
your the only logically clue
None of my pieces to this puzzle will fit
The doctor gives me this look I can tell this is it

It seems you need a doctor
and I need one as well
Like Lupe Fiasco said
"A match made in heaven set the fires in hell"
So we're burning them up
No way to cool us down
Your what I see when I look up
Whats the point of looking down
A heavy heartbeat is what you give
what an swift adrenaline rush
Telling lies are so easy,while accepting the truth is so rough

I see a sparkle in your eye,your the brightest star
Our love was so close,time just made it far
It seems you made it out ok,but now I'm the one who needs help
I walk around like nothing bothers me,so me expressing these words always help
And no one can ever understand the pain we have felt
They only know how to take our happiness which causes grief to be dealt
Buckle up now,Fasten your belt
Doctor was right,you were too hot for your own good
so you made everything melt
The last thing I do is open my eyes
What a nightmare I had,what a horrible surprise

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