Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Russian Roulette pt.1

One step forward,so many steps back
you make sure before we do this,since there is no looking back
So I hold your hand,and you close your eyes
I take a deep breath,our blood flow starts to rise
Everything starts to look blurry,The temperature changed from cold to hot
Promised to take it slow,so Im sorry if I'm not
Pain after pleasure....or pleasure before pain
Whichever way you look at it,after this, nothing will be the same
The suspense is strong,the resistance is weak
Trying to avoid the resolution,but somehow remain the peak
Will they ever find out?Will anyone even know?
Time flies by so fast,while happiness is moving so slow
We both take a deep breath,and let out a sigh
How did we end up here,does even God know why
Maybe this was just meant to happen,just you and me
I guess all the secrets eventually come out,once you find the missing key
So now no more cover ups,I can see the naked truth
No more talk,but you got me on the line like a caller in a telephone booth
Don't want this to end,now you have to be more than a friend
It was only a matter of time though,just had to figure out when
Caught in the moment,didn't want to let it go
Feels like we're being watched,like we're putting on a show
But we are all alone,under the dark sky
Your such an angel minus the wings so you cant fly
You ask me to hold you down,I say of course
Learned the lesson of my life,what a flawless course
You were a 'A+' and I was a 'B'
They say if you love something you set it free
So now I just keep to myself and let you be
You broke your promise,so I lost your word
Seems your lie,was the sweetest thing I heard
Playing Russian Roulette with love with a bullet in the chamber
Didn't see the warning signs from the beginning,so we're just left with danger.....
This is just part one,so you have to wait until part two
Hope you didn't misinterpret my words,since a lot of people do.......

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