Sunday, February 6, 2011

Without a Trace

trying to keep my emotions in a safe now when you cross my mind...i just don't pick up the phone
and they say home is where the heart Im a long way from home
So i don't know when I will be back,so please stop asking me that
The only things I know thats true,is that im lost.....and thats the only fact
and remember when you give somebody your all.....there is no promise you will get even half of it back
and when that crap happens to the hell you suppose to react
so im searching for the answers,searching for the key
the question was would you be mine?but it seems the lock changes shape every time I find the key
nothing never works out,so im always stuck with these new beginnings
super bowl sunday so I guess the bright side of that is at least one team would be winning
but one team also has to lose,worked the whole year just to reach defeat
lets switch it up,find the girl you want to marry,purpose to her,she says yes,you think everything is ok,then she gets cold feet
people always looking at the surface of things,nobody ever wants to look beneath
peel away the layers and all the rough edges and if you find my 'heart' I would give it up for you to keep
but you have to bring some kinda case,since its not in a's in pieces ....kinda like an irreplaceable shattered vase
and that tattoo is permanent.....those times cant be erased
Guess I finally figured out why I don't look people in their eyes....when things go makes it much easier to forget the face
Im tripping,even though I want to finish the race
Thought I had all the pain I could mentally handle.....but look what you did......just created more space......and when Im gone...i'll be gone forever........fade away.........without a trace

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