Monday, February 28, 2011

Life as It Is

We can fly as high as the dreams we dare to live
We can only take so much from this life as we care to give
We can grow only if we are in the presence of the light
We can always rise above any defeat since our minds are always right

I think we are all given a choice to speak up or stay quiet
I think we are all pushed to run towards our dreams or try and fight it
I know a lot of people are full of 'it' so they're on the wrong diet
I know that war doesn't make peace,so love cant equal a riot

Cant fight war vs war & overcome terror with terror
The only way to be the try and do better
Only way to see the to bear the bad weather
The only was for us to live in this world as to do it together

Mirror's show the reflections of us,and how well you just a reflection of trust
Miracles take time to blossom while bad times may come in a rush
Make haste with your visions but doing it carefully is a must
Mind what you say & what you do...since ashes to ashes, dust is to dust

Trying to find the good in evil,
Trying to make night out of day,
Learned evil is just evil,
So I wasted my time of day,

Look up at the stars,
and try to count them all,
It is what it is
so you saw what you saw

the harder the struggle.....the better the success
its all about your will power being put to the test

remember when we were little we all just wanted to grow up
but its like the older we got the faster the problems are thrown up

im always around,but never really there
but your always on my mind,so you being forgotten is something you wont have to fear....

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