Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Conquers All

Looked up at the sky....and saw this one cloud smile
I guess it was a little message from the man above ...thats means 'she wont be leaving you...she will stay with you for a while'
True thing is.....something as little as that made my day
Was dealing with some sort of depression that made me feel like to get away from it all....there was only one way
And thats something I dear not say
Lupe Fiasco's 2nd single (Words I Never Said)just got released so thats something you should youtube & press play
But back to my writing,Back to my words
It seems when I least expected them too,Is when the happiest times occurred
Never right to cage something up,clip it's wing....no thats no way to treat a bird
Even worse how we treat some of our own people...birds are meant to fly....we are meant to live & enjoy life so preventing us from doing what we were created to do..... is extremely absurd
I say this a lot but I really wonder what these people think
They always smile in your face and act all fake
but all that smiling changes and soon as your not looking....forget changing with the seasons...people seem to be able change within a blink
The days are long,the nights are longer
Thinking if I let her keep my heart I will be ok or if not....I couldn't be any wronger
But when you have that feeling...Lust~Infatuation~Love...which ever it is...it continues to get stronger
I guess some love the thrill of the chase,while others hate to stay with one...they would prefer to wander
When its all said and done....I just want to be happy with her
and if so how long will the happiness last....this is something I will forever ponder..

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