Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jet Lag

The load is getting heavy,the pressure is becoming strong
The more I try and do right,the more things start to feel wrong
I still continue to follow that little voice thats says 'no matter what always be true'
But it's hard in a world when they try to always dominate & control you
Truth is I don't know where I belong,who cares anyways....
I'll just pretend I'm happy and go along
So all I see now is fake smile's with no real tears
Only thing to fear,is fear itself,so please eliminate those fears
Never understood why everyone always says "Don't walk towards the light"
The light is suppose to save shouldn't everything be alright?
Just making a point,since if there is a Heaven...thats where I wanna go
And if their really is a Satan & Hell....thats something I hope I never have to know
Once you know all wont have to worry about turning bad
Once your happy with yourself...little things can no longer make you sad
And I had a strong enough Mother so her raising me well, didn't make me miss my dad
The thoughts of who I wanted to be are starting to fade away like the oldest fad
Beginning to bottle up all my demons and throw them in a bag
Heading to the airport but I don't have a flight,I just wanna leave this luggage somewhere,maybe try and get a tag
Send all this negative stuff in the air.......
but wait this doesn't sound right.....must of been having a mind is always in the clouds on a plane of its own so please excuse me....lets just blame the jet lag

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