Friday, January 7, 2011

Say whats real pt.2

I try to just take every single problem,just one step at a time
but it seems the further I go....the more problems await me at the finish line
So do I want to finish?Or should I just stop here?
Love is always so blind and Hate is always so near
Could wear all the armor you want...but still your feelings are never safe by any protective gear
I like to question my self but still don't have any doubt
That I wouldn't want to fit in with all these fake people around me
I'll be happier just being aloof & standing out
So judge & be & be talked about
Sometimes I wonder if people have life any better up north..
than we do in the south?
Since where do all the hurricanes go?and where did Katrina hit?
Is it up to mother nature or God....or is the decisions split?
Look how we treat our planet.
If I was it.....I'd of quit

No hope in the future,So no future hope
Don't spend your time listening to promise's
since most of them end up broke
& the person on the end of the false promise endz up hurt
which can sometimes turn anger into hate
that can lead to someone we have a picture of a deceased love one with R.I.P on a shirt
So does any method work?
Even if you try.....could you ever repair & fix it?
A lot of pain in the past,so maybe the gift to forget somethings
should be wrapped & gifted
Every time I watch the movie'Passion Of Christ"
this weight on my shoulder suddenly feels lifted

I prefer laughter over tears
So thats why I try to spread humor to everyone I've  ever known over the years
The only challenge you need to overcome is....
Your dreams to shadow out your nightmares.....
And your hope's to over shadow your fears....

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