Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Resistance

Put your hand over your heart...do you feel it beat?
And think about all those who left us..who can no longer do that...imagine how it felt when they knew their heart was getting weak?
Because when your gone....your just gone
So im sorry if I let you down..I didn't mean to
I never should of watched around and let those people tease you
so now All i have is a picture of a friend I can never get back
Too bad life isn't like a change machine or a coin star....because in this life...whatever you give doesn't always come back
And how did i react to your suicide....I just acted like it didn't bother me
Now sometimes I wish you could of took me with you so this world couldn't bother me
But I guess,I'll stay...since I cant leave jordan alone
Made a promise to God...Jordan & Jennifer are two people I would never leave alone
So Damn....I did it again....I'm in my dark zone
When I think about life...and all the people in my phone
What did time do to all my friendships?Am I to blame that they all sunk
Funny they make it illegal to get high but 'Hey your legal now..your 21..time to get drunk'
Stupid people and their stupid rules
Why are they the ones on top..while we are stuck at the bottom working like fools?
But im sorry....i  want to say no more
I'll just jump from this invisible window...and leave invisible blood on the non-exsistent floor


  1. Roger! Is this poetry, or raps over the named beats? Because either way, its golden my man. I just put the Resistance instrumental from Drake on and kinda rapped this, and boy, I sure hope you didn't really have to go through that. Your word are sick man, I wish I could hear it in a song on the radio. Anyways man great work, were followin!!!!

  2. It's kinda a mixture of both...Most of the stuff I write are from the Title...Like "I get lonely Too"Miss Me'& "The Resistance" are all from drake songs.And I really did have a close friend shoot himself but I guess when I write from things I know...it makes everyone able to connect..But thanks man!I was really surprised to see this comment,means a lot..I will follow you as well