Monday, January 10, 2011

When I'm Gone

So these thoughts of leaving life come and go sometimes,
It's like my whole body's gone deaf all I comprehend are the signs,
Dont close the curtain but leave open the blinds,
You shouldn't treat one person nice...and the other person unkind
Since true love is hard to find
I'm steadily thinking out the box & thinking out my mind
 Give every person two hands....give every person some time

Not here for long,I never I'm
Sorta like a footprint ....that I'm leaving in sand
I'll be washed away....sooner than later
Just remember that I use to love writing these words on paper

Seems like it's the only talent I ever had
And you know your the best I ever had
So when my heart stops beating don't be sad
Because I feel the afterlife is peaceful...while this world we live in drives us mad
Try my best to subtract all the negativity that those people seem to add
When I'm gone....I'll be able to watch over you & protect you....
So don't worry my little angel.....Be Glad

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