Saturday, January 15, 2011


So we're stuck down here
but thats not where we wanna be
I want to fly high
not alone & me
So can this be?
Fact or Fiction?Dream or Reality?

But eventually we will get a place nobody else can achieve
Then we will stay there....forever and ever...never have to leave
I'll be your eyes...and you will be my tears
I'll be the month while you be my years
We are out of this world now....So we wont even have to care

What they say.....And with you everyday felt like a new one
And with out you it feels like...yeah the days keep on ending....but never really actually begun
Since I'm stuck here in this place I don't wanna be
But he is there next to I wonder what God has against me?
Maybe he knows when we are together...nothing can pull us

And you always wanted to see the moon...And what I say when you asked me...I would Always Promise You We Will Real Soon,But It Seems Soon Has Turned To Later,And Later Has Turned To Maybe,And Everything Has Turned Crazy,Always Wanted The Chance To Thank Your Mom & Dad For Giving Birth To Such An Amazing Baby.....And Even A Greater Lady....But It Seems Like Now You Have Escaped Me...And Now I Wanna Escape Me....But In This World There Are Only One Way In & One Way Out...No Escape Key....Days Are Getting Longer Now....Waiting On Someone To Save Thee...And I Guess Thats The End Of It All...Since All Good Things Come To An End.....Sadly But Eventually....

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