Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So this is the unthinkable,so I wont think,just write
Always before I sleep I still worry about whats your last thought at night
Like if your happy & everything is ok
I know I promised you the world but not everything works out my way
Now I don't know which way to turn
Since me going left might end up being right....but me being right means someone gets left
But I guess these are the moments that teaches us how to learn
Trust just means we hope that all our secrets & promise's get kept.....

Trying to look beyond what they don't want me to see...
I see living in this world & doing exactly what they want us a prison...while following your heart and doing you being free
But you don't have to listen to me....
You can follow all the signs down the road,and hope they lead to your happiness
Or you can make your own mark on the road and create your own joy & happiness
Everything gets pasts me sometimes...Sometimes I don't know whats going on
And if nothing is going right....I know if I'm with you.....anything can't go wrong

Hear me out....just one more line
They say time is money & money equal's time
but where do we belong in that equation?thats what I'm trying to find
Money isn't everything & the time will eventually stop
So you can save all your money,spend you time wisely
Two things you cant control are....
When you want to love someone....and when you want to not

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