Thursday, January 27, 2011


So where should we start?
From a unfinished beginning or a broken heart?
Since we have a lot to learn....but even more to give
Tired of just being alive,you just  need to learn how to live
Millions of cars.....millions of people
Too much too add & subtract,so none of us will ever equal
Sad to say,but happy to admit
The only reason most of us keep pushing forward,is so we don't look like the only failure who quit
Marriage is suppose to be forever......forever never comes
If you want to catch the dreams you're chasing....the only option you have is to run
So just keep running and reach for the stars...
They might laugh at you now,but what will they say when the world is ours?
Matter of fact it doesn't matter what say
Some people just like to hear themselves speak...even when they have nothing constructive to say
I see the brightness in you......I can see the light
When I hear your voice or see your face,things get more bright
And even when your wrong,somehow I still admit your right
But I guess me seeing you happier is such a more beautiful sight
A one that makes me feel comfortable throughout the day and able to go to sleep at night
And in my dreams I'm perfect.....but in reality could I ever be Mr.Right?

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