Friday, January 14, 2011

Footprints in the Sand

A very profound moment......somethings need to said..........while others left un spoken
A very depressing time....all of the doors seem to be closed........ but how to know which one to open?
Having a key doesn't mean it will fit the lock
Having a watch on your hand.....makes you able to be aware of the time passing....but you can never truly stop the clock
And if you could......would you do good or evil?
And the power of power always turns good people towards evil
Another death equals another birth.......or is it another birth equals another death
Another two wrongs don't make a right......but what happens if those two wrongs came from the opposite of left
So now I took you for a this life your either in the from the beginning or out till' the end
So even if you had everything you ever wanted plus more....what would be the purpose of life then
We got to struggle for what makes us happy,thats what makes it all worth it
We got to overcome these stereotypes & stigmas that say we're not worth it
All we have is each lets make the best of it
All we do is destroy each other it lets put a rest to it
Tired of being awake and not knowing what to do the next day
Tired of trying to tell myself that maybe life was meant to be this way
Playing the cards I was trying to cheat
Playing only to win all the time....means the the fun of the game gets beat
Losing is not acceptable ....its not an option is what they preach

Losing is what makes winning so amazing.....think about temporally losing all your worries & winning all the joy & excitement one can share with their family & friends while playing on the beach

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