Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thought of you

So, where do I begin?
everything started out so wonderful between us,you were my best friend
but that once in a life-time bond seems to vanish now & I don't want it to end
So should I keep pulling on this never ending rope?
Or will it be safer to cut all ties.....and along that all our future hope?
Never doubted us....only doubted me
But when your in so deep...the deepness is all you see
Nothing remains clear....your heart & mind fight a losing battle
We means which ever side wins...leaves part of you in despair
But I still care......which seems to be my mistake
I guess only the realest things in life....always seems to break
While the fake things seems to last forever......or at least thats what they think
Might as well threw my emotions for a the washer & dryer because more & more it gets worn out & only seems to shrink
Lord as my witness,I always did my best
Still remember my were that pretty yellow dress
And now every thing a mess...are we over forever.....
or are we just taking a little time out....Guess I'll call this poem 'Recess'

Life is now back in session....Told my self a million times to learn my lesson
But I never seem too...why only after we have heard all the lies....things start to seem true
The distance between us grows....and grows.....but somehow

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