Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Say Whats Real

It's flows out natural....this is something I like to do
To somehow channel out my thoughts...& somehow bring them all to you
This is the SoundOfMyWords....So I hope you never forget them
These people will try and take everything you have if you let them
I don't say it to much.....I don't say it too often
But I wanna say that I love all my family or friends & thats the truth...after that *no coughing*
Cuz a lot of people like to say things they don't mean
And a lot of players will try & play against you
even when your on the same team
Call these haters alarm clocks....since they only function is to try & wake you if up..
when your just trying to live your dream
So sleep on them.....sleep on them all day
Most of us don't realize but they have us just where they want us....
they have our culture molded out like some clay
Think about it now....these people run everything
Research how they manipulate ALL our foods &
 purposely prevent any advances of our medicine
Since all they want is money
They can throw away all this money on war & fly into space...
but they cant find a cure for most cancers & HIV/AIDS...isn't that shit funny?
Well no its not...but I just wonder what our people think?
Or never mind thats right..."I'm too busy my favorite song is on...
Quick grab my Ipod & sync"
It's a shame what the world has come to,
when we have hero's who fought for so much
Martin Luther King had a dream & I wonder if he was alive now...
would he say all his dream got crushed
But I'm not in a rush...I don't have no where to go....
But I know people's time span is limited..but I said what's thats all you need to know

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