Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miss Me

People never seem to realize what they have until its gone,and they say learn from your mistake...but what if your mistakes end up not being wrong,I mean can someone please explain it...Love isn't looking pretty right I guess we should change it...And I did...and now it's looking similar to a devil in a new dress..I'm not gonna say im the king...but I know I could take care of you way better than the rest..But it seems girls are attracted to the boys that don't think,& the boys are attracted to the girls that cant think...are you getting the picture now?if your trying too,please don't blink

Before you open your eyes everything could be lost,The pain of knowing you lost your best would have to be the cost,nothing you do can bring them back...not even praying to the cross,& love either goes up or no need to look across....

I traveled back and fourth so much I seemed to lost the track of time,when I see lips turn off and my hands start working..i guess you can call me a 'Mime',no matter what those people say....even if your gone,your'll still be mine,you should miss me a little when I'm gone and if you choose not to,thats ok,its my eyes our moments will always be epic...& your beauty is divine

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