Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Set It Free

Im stuck inside a daze,stressing,but my family & friends say don't worry...its only a transitional phase,
from high school to college,from boy to man,
its like I know what I want to do with my life,but this world make everything so fuzzy & hard to understand.
Lost without a map,Late without the time,
but no point of beating ourselves up,since it takes a while for everything & everyone to reach their prime,
when we reach it,we wont want to let it go,and we all know how things go,everything all smiles in front of the curtains,but does anybody care what happens after the show?
Think about it for a moment....because I can see it inside you...
I know you.....you know....

Everything is so red,white & blue,but say our proud country declared war on your homeland....what are you suppose to do?Fight for the land of the free,but I know becoming a traitor is something you don't want to be...Any choice is a hard to make,when you don't want to create a mistake,and anybody can say they are real....but does anyone body have the guts to admit they are fake?

Who believes in love at first sight?And in happy endings?
Love can sometimes confuse the message that the lover is sending...
The thought of you .......thinking about me
Influences the mindset
"That if you love something..........it may be best to set it free

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