Monday, January 17, 2011

Sound of Life

It's never fair for all.....only for a few
We all get chanced with a certain option...but mostly never know what to do
& even when we think we're right.....thats never the case
The world is moving to fast & I'm just trying to keep up with the pace
Since,if your standing still you get left behind
Be careful what you search for since you might not like what you find
It's a scary place to be,but even scarer to be alone
Nothing always shaded in black & white....started to see a different tone
But speak to me...I'm always here
Never let them walk over you like some kind of stair-way
Even though we climbing up further & further everyday
But I got a problem with the solution so how do we fix it?
It's broken & missing so should we still try & fix it?
Hearts,feelings,peoples lives are all thrown around
I must be getting the silent treatment from everybody......
Since I still don't hear a sound

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