Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lost for Words

Two sides of war like the two sides of love
one pretty & one ugly
Thought you would always be mine
why did they have to take you from me
Nothing makes sense,Nothing ever does
Love is suppose to start with a smile,grow with a kiss but not end with a tear & hug
But nothing could of predicted this heavy rainy storm,not even the weather bug
So that bugs me,thats I couldn't see,these turn of events spiral into a catastrophe
And there's is no me if there's is no you
Now I'm just stuck here with I.......and I don't know what to do

And it's so amazing how thoughts can generate from our brain
but for some reasons sometimes become locked in,since the fear of showing the world is suddenly a gigantic restrain
So we suddenly just retain all our natural impulses and begin to mimc others like their DNA runs throughout our vein
And I just wish all that self inflicted pain
would go away,since being happy in your own skin could be the most valuable procession a person could ever attain

Last but not least......Lost for words,But never out of heart
And we need to be careful,since the very same things that build us up....could be the very same reason why everything falls apart...</3

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