Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jet Lag

The load is getting heavy,the pressure is becoming strong
The more I try and do right,the more things start to feel wrong
I still continue to follow that little voice thats says 'no matter what always be true'
But it's hard in a world when they try to always dominate & control you
Truth is I don't know where I belong,who cares anyways....
I'll just pretend I'm happy and go along
So all I see now is fake smile's with no real tears
Only thing to fear,is fear itself,so please eliminate those fears
Never understood why everyone always says "Don't walk towards the light"
The light is suppose to save shouldn't everything be alright?
Just making a point,since if there is a Heaven...thats where I wanna go
And if their really is a Satan & Hell....thats something I hope I never have to know
Once you know all wont have to worry about turning bad
Once your happy with yourself...little things can no longer make you sad
And I had a strong enough Mother so her raising me well, didn't make me miss my dad
The thoughts of who I wanted to be are starting to fade away like the oldest fad
Beginning to bottle up all my demons and throw them in a bag
Heading to the airport but I don't have a flight,I just wanna leave this luggage somewhere,maybe try and get a tag
Send all this negative stuff in the air.......
but wait this doesn't sound right.....must of been having a mind is always in the clouds on a plane of its own so please excuse me....lets just blame the jet lag

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lost for Words

Two sides of war like the two sides of love
one pretty & one ugly
Thought you would always be mine
why did they have to take you from me
Nothing makes sense,Nothing ever does
Love is suppose to start with a smile,grow with a kiss but not end with a tear & hug
But nothing could of predicted this heavy rainy storm,not even the weather bug
So that bugs me,thats I couldn't see,these turn of events spiral into a catastrophe
And there's is no me if there's is no you
Now I'm just stuck here with I.......and I don't know what to do

And it's so amazing how thoughts can generate from our brain
but for some reasons sometimes become locked in,since the fear of showing the world is suddenly a gigantic restrain
So we suddenly just retain all our natural impulses and begin to mimc others like their DNA runs throughout our vein
And I just wish all that self inflicted pain
would go away,since being happy in your own skin could be the most valuable procession a person could ever attain

Last but not least......Lost for words,But never out of heart
And we need to be careful,since the very same things that build us up....could be the very same reason why everything falls apart...</3

Thursday, January 27, 2011


So where should we start?
From a unfinished beginning or a broken heart?
Since we have a lot to learn....but even more to give
Tired of just being alive,you just  need to learn how to live
Millions of cars.....millions of people
Too much too add & subtract,so none of us will ever equal
Sad to say,but happy to admit
The only reason most of us keep pushing forward,is so we don't look like the only failure who quit
Marriage is suppose to be forever......forever never comes
If you want to catch the dreams you're chasing....the only option you have is to run
So just keep running and reach for the stars...
They might laugh at you now,but what will they say when the world is ours?
Matter of fact it doesn't matter what say
Some people just like to hear themselves speak...even when they have nothing constructive to say
I see the brightness in you......I can see the light
When I hear your voice or see your face,things get more bright
And even when your wrong,somehow I still admit your right
But I guess me seeing you happier is such a more beautiful sight
A one that makes me feel comfortable throughout the day and able to go to sleep at night
And in my dreams I'm perfect.....but in reality could I ever be Mr.Right?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Set It Free

Im stuck inside a daze,stressing,but my family & friends say don't worry...its only a transitional phase,
from high school to college,from boy to man,
its like I know what I want to do with my life,but this world make everything so fuzzy & hard to understand.
Lost without a map,Late without the time,
but no point of beating ourselves up,since it takes a while for everything & everyone to reach their prime,
when we reach it,we wont want to let it go,and we all know how things go,everything all smiles in front of the curtains,but does anybody care what happens after the show?
Think about it for a moment....because I can see it inside you...
I know know....

Everything is so red,white & blue,but say our proud country declared war on your homeland....what are you suppose to do?Fight for the land of the free,but I know becoming a traitor is something you don't want to be...Any choice is a hard to make,when you don't want to create a mistake,and anybody can say they are real....but does anyone body have the guts to admit they are fake?

Who believes in love at first sight?And in happy endings?
Love can sometimes confuse the message that the lover is sending...
The thought of you .......thinking about me
Influences the mindset
"That if you love may be best to set it free

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dream,Love & Hope

Had this dream right...that I was flying
everything was so dreamy right....but I heard some crying
So I searched and try & see who it was
Gotta try and see whats the matter...thats what a real angel does
but when I saw who was was nobody...just me
then I start to think...that couldn't...could it be?

I take it back.....if I could I would take it back
no matter what I do I move 10 steps forward....and 100 steps back
back to where I don't want to go...forwards what I want to see
emotions take control of me,lock up my thoughts...and throw the key
no way to be free now...they are all gone....
seems like my life is on repeat....on the same song
only the words are changing.....the chorus is too
out of 100% what you believe....0% can be true
so everything falling apart...and you feel your through
the dark cloud is always stuck above it raining glue
but the sun will come....and clear the way
99% of us don't try our best...and 0% of that is ok...

At a lost of words......with all these feelings
I see the same old endings....with new beginnings
Another chance for love.....Another chance for pain
But no love lost means no love maybe a risk is worth the gain
And maybe with you I.... can erase my pain
So I can stop thinking about life so much...since maybe it's not to blame
Problems heavy on my heart....trying not to strain 
What the point of playing...if you cant win the game
You win.......And I lose
Matter of fact....we both lose
Their's no ties...when it comes to love
Just two people getting we hooked on drugs
So this withdraw is killing me.....yeah i'm numb
Thinking the best of people all the can call that dumb
Just want this thing called happiness...since I haven't seen none

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today is everlasting....
Tomorrow we never see...
Hate follows us around...
Love is whatever it wants to be....
Friends leave...and some stay
Does anything last forever?
Everybody talks.....but what are we all trying to say?

Hear the voice...
it is trying to speak to you....
Share your voice....
So someone can speak to you...
Believe in your dreams...
Never let them vanish...
With no goals or wants...
Your future could end in anguish ....

Walk or crawl....
Speed up or slow down...
Climb over the highest mountain in your life....
And make sure you give it your all...
Life is a journey...and a lot of things take place
don't worry about the can set your own pace

Shortcuts only lead to dead ends....
Beginnings don't last too long since they eventually find a end....
You are the ink to my world...
But what will I do when I can't find my pen...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thought of you

So, where do I begin?
everything started out so wonderful between us,you were my best friend
but that once in a life-time bond seems to vanish now & I don't want it to end
So should I keep pulling on this never ending rope?
Or will it be safer to cut all ties.....and along that all our future hope?
Never doubted us....only doubted me
But when your in so deep...the deepness is all you see
Nothing remains clear....your heart & mind fight a losing battle
We means which ever side wins...leaves part of you in despair
But I still care......which seems to be my mistake
I guess only the realest things in life....always seems to break
While the fake things seems to last forever......or at least thats what they think
Might as well threw my emotions for a the washer & dryer because more & more it gets worn out & only seems to shrink
Lord as my witness,I always did my best
Still remember my were that pretty yellow dress
And now every thing a mess...are we over forever.....
or are we just taking a little time out....Guess I'll call this poem 'Recess'

Life is now back in session....Told my self a million times to learn my lesson
But I never seem too...why only after we have heard all the lies....things start to seem true
The distance between us grows....and grows.....but somehow

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So this is the unthinkable,so I wont think,just write
Always before I sleep I still worry about whats your last thought at night
Like if your happy & everything is ok
I know I promised you the world but not everything works out my way
Now I don't know which way to turn
Since me going left might end up being right....but me being right means someone gets left
But I guess these are the moments that teaches us how to learn
Trust just means we hope that all our secrets & promise's get kept.....

Trying to look beyond what they don't want me to see...
I see living in this world & doing exactly what they want us a prison...while following your heart and doing you being free
But you don't have to listen to me....
You can follow all the signs down the road,and hope they lead to your happiness
Or you can make your own mark on the road and create your own joy & happiness
Everything gets pasts me sometimes...Sometimes I don't know whats going on
And if nothing is going right....I know if I'm with you.....anything can't go wrong

Hear me out....just one more line
They say time is money & money equal's time
but where do we belong in that equation?thats what I'm trying to find
Money isn't everything & the time will eventually stop
So you can save all your money,spend you time wisely
Two things you cant control are....
When you want to love someone....and when you want to not

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sound of Life

It's never fair for all.....only for a few
We all get chanced with a certain option...but mostly never know what to do
& even when we think we're right.....thats never the case
The world is moving to fast & I'm just trying to keep up with the pace
Since,if your standing still you get left behind
Be careful what you search for since you might not like what you find
It's a scary place to be,but even scarer to be alone
Nothing always shaded in black & white....started to see a different tone
But speak to me...I'm always here
Never let them walk over you like some kind of stair-way
Even though we climbing up further & further everyday
But I got a problem with the solution so how do we fix it?
It's broken & missing so should we still try & fix it?
Hearts,feelings,peoples lives are all thrown around
I must be getting the silent treatment from everybody......
Since I still don't hear a sound

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Until I Get There

Every day has to start with the sun,
While every night has to end with the moon,
Every person eventually has to leave,
While one waits to see them soon,
Hard to tell you what I don't know,
Harder for me to read the signs when you wont show,
Easy for me to just sit her & give up,
Easier for you to just stick with your people who you never want to give up,
Nice when things are back to normal for a week or two,
Nicer when the world is full of lies but we keep it true,
Lost when I cant see right what's in front of me,
Found out that it's maybe me thats blocking me,
But we all see what we want to see,
Hear what we want to hear,
Love how we want to love,
And break rules when we cant play fair,
It's up to you though...Tossed up in the air,
I guess I will just keep walking.....
Walking until I get there


So we're stuck down here
but thats not where we wanna be
I want to fly high
not alone & me
So can this be?
Fact or Fiction?Dream or Reality?

But eventually we will get a place nobody else can achieve
Then we will stay there....forever and ever...never have to leave
I'll be your eyes...and you will be my tears
I'll be the month while you be my years
We are out of this world now....So we wont even have to care

What they say.....And with you everyday felt like a new one
And with out you it feels like...yeah the days keep on ending....but never really actually begun
Since I'm stuck here in this place I don't wanna be
But he is there next to I wonder what God has against me?
Maybe he knows when we are together...nothing can pull us

And you always wanted to see the moon...And what I say when you asked me...I would Always Promise You We Will Real Soon,But It Seems Soon Has Turned To Later,And Later Has Turned To Maybe,And Everything Has Turned Crazy,Always Wanted The Chance To Thank Your Mom & Dad For Giving Birth To Such An Amazing Baby.....And Even A Greater Lady....But It Seems Like Now You Have Escaped Me...And Now I Wanna Escape Me....But In This World There Are Only One Way In & One Way Out...No Escape Key....Days Are Getting Longer Now....Waiting On Someone To Save Thee...And I Guess Thats The End Of It All...Since All Good Things Come To An End.....Sadly But Eventually....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Footprints in the Sand

A very profound moment......somethings need to said..........while others left un spoken
A very depressing time....all of the doors seem to be closed........ but how to know which one to open?
Having a key doesn't mean it will fit the lock
Having a watch on your hand.....makes you able to be aware of the time passing....but you can never truly stop the clock
And if you could......would you do good or evil?
And the power of power always turns good people towards evil
Another death equals another birth.......or is it another birth equals another death
Another two wrongs don't make a right......but what happens if those two wrongs came from the opposite of left
So now I took you for a this life your either in the from the beginning or out till' the end
So even if you had everything you ever wanted plus more....what would be the purpose of life then
We got to struggle for what makes us happy,thats what makes it all worth it
We got to overcome these stereotypes & stigmas that say we're not worth it
All we have is each lets make the best of it
All we do is destroy each other it lets put a rest to it
Tired of being awake and not knowing what to do the next day
Tired of trying to tell myself that maybe life was meant to be this way
Playing the cards I was trying to cheat
Playing only to win all the time....means the the fun of the game gets beat
Losing is not acceptable ....its not an option is what they preach

Losing is what makes winning so amazing.....think about temporally losing all your worries & winning all the joy & excitement one can share with their family & friends while playing on the beach

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winning Moment

I always write to you....but will you ever write me back?
When my feelings are all in the open thats when I feel most vulnerable for attack
But I trust in I hope your trust in me
Love is like air since we don't see it but need it to set us free
Can never be measured...but only felt
And will always wash away any pain that has been dealt

Everybody is different,Everybody is new
Some truth leads to lie's,While some lie's seem to be true
And no matter what you do
Just love every second you have
Vanish ever second your mad
Since every moment wasted on a frown
Influences someone else to be sad
And I will always be around
Love is need for a sound
Since it is felt not heard
So I can eliminate 'I love you' since I don't need those words
Just need your hold mine & never let go
Call you my pretty little flower that never got sunlight but still proceeded to grow
Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
I learn to appreciate the little things in life,the moment I got older
So say what you have to who you want to love
We are already on the why not try to move above
Above the influence thats right
Lay your pretty little head on your pillow & stare out your window to see the moonlight
Then you get that calming feel in your soul...and you know your alright
Thats a moment I wish for everybody & anyone
Seems like we lose and lose just wait and see...the winning moment just begun

Monday, January 10, 2011

When I'm Gone

So these thoughts of leaving life come and go sometimes,
It's like my whole body's gone deaf all I comprehend are the signs,
Dont close the curtain but leave open the blinds,
You shouldn't treat one person nice...and the other person unkind
Since true love is hard to find
I'm steadily thinking out the box & thinking out my mind
 Give every person two hands....give every person some time

Not here for long,I never I'm
Sorta like a footprint ....that I'm leaving in sand
I'll be washed away....sooner than later
Just remember that I use to love writing these words on paper

Seems like it's the only talent I ever had
And you know your the best I ever had
So when my heart stops beating don't be sad
Because I feel the afterlife is peaceful...while this world we live in drives us mad
Try my best to subtract all the negativity that those people seem to add
When I'm gone....I'll be able to watch over you & protect you....
So don't worry my little angel.....Be Glad

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Think

The only easy day.....was yesterday
but the only bright day tomorrow
only way to keep going
to must overcome
looking back is smart....looking forward is intelligent
pain reminds you....your alive
death shows....nothing last forever
Sun & The Moon....are two things man cant control
Rain never starts fire's & guns don't shoot by themselves
time waits for no-one,but yet we wait on time
love is a different language....that many of us don't understand
hate is easily speaks for itself
Eyes see what they want,but ears hear everything
Miscommunication tells us nothing
The truth is hard to find
Is it mind over matter.....or money on my mind?
People treating they are from a different design
You see this X______________ right here
I just need you to sign
Because we are almost at the end now....
Thats the bottom line

Friday, January 7, 2011

Say whats real pt.2

I try to just take every single problem,just one step at a time
but it seems the further I go....the more problems await me at the finish line
So do I want to finish?Or should I just stop here?
Love is always so blind and Hate is always so near
Could wear all the armor you want...but still your feelings are never safe by any protective gear
I like to question my self but still don't have any doubt
That I wouldn't want to fit in with all these fake people around me
I'll be happier just being aloof & standing out
So judge & be & be talked about
Sometimes I wonder if people have life any better up north..
than we do in the south?
Since where do all the hurricanes go?and where did Katrina hit?
Is it up to mother nature or God....or is the decisions split?
Look how we treat our planet.
If I was it.....I'd of quit

No hope in the future,So no future hope
Don't spend your time listening to promise's
since most of them end up broke
& the person on the end of the false promise endz up hurt
which can sometimes turn anger into hate
that can lead to someone we have a picture of a deceased love one with R.I.P on a shirt
So does any method work?
Even if you try.....could you ever repair & fix it?
A lot of pain in the past,so maybe the gift to forget somethings
should be wrapped & gifted
Every time I watch the movie'Passion Of Christ"
this weight on my shoulder suddenly feels lifted

I prefer laughter over tears
So thats why I try to spread humor to everyone I've  ever known over the years
The only challenge you need to overcome is....
Your dreams to shadow out your nightmares.....
And your hope's to over shadow your fears....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Say Whats Real

It's flows out natural....this is something I like to do
To somehow channel out my thoughts...& somehow bring them all to you
This is the SoundOfMyWords....So I hope you never forget them
These people will try and take everything you have if you let them
I don't say it to much.....I don't say it too often
But I wanna say that I love all my family or friends & thats the truth...after that *no coughing*
Cuz a lot of people like to say things they don't mean
And a lot of players will try & play against you
even when your on the same team
Call these haters alarm clocks....since they only function is to try & wake you if up..
when your just trying to live your dream
So sleep on them.....sleep on them all day
Most of us don't realize but they have us just where they want us....
they have our culture molded out like some clay
Think about it now....these people run everything
Research how they manipulate ALL our foods &
 purposely prevent any advances of our medicine
Since all they want is money
They can throw away all this money on war & fly into space...
but they cant find a cure for most cancers & HIV/AIDS...isn't that shit funny?
Well no its not...but I just wonder what our people think?
Or never mind thats right..."I'm too busy my favorite song is on...
Quick grab my Ipod & sync"
It's a shame what the world has come to,
when we have hero's who fought for so much
Martin Luther King had a dream & I wonder if he was alive now...
would he say all his dream got crushed
But I'm not in a rush...I don't have no where to go....
But I know people's time span is limited..but I said what's thats all you need to know

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Resistance

Put your hand over your you feel it beat?
And think about all those who left us..who can no longer do that...imagine how it felt when they knew their heart was getting weak?
Because when your gone....your just gone
So im sorry if I let you down..I didn't mean to
I never should of watched around and let those people tease you
so now All i have is a picture of a friend I can never get back
Too bad life isn't like a change machine or a coin star....because in this life...whatever you give doesn't always come back
And how did i react to your suicide....I just acted like it didn't bother me
Now sometimes I wish you could of took me with you so this world couldn't bother me
But I guess,I'll stay...since I cant leave jordan alone
Made a promise to God...Jordan & Jennifer are two people I would never leave alone
So Damn....I did it again....I'm in my dark zone
When I think about life...and all the people in my phone
What did time do to all my friendships?Am I to blame that they all sunk
Funny they make it illegal to get high but 'Hey your legal now..your 21..time to get drunk'
Stupid people and their stupid rules
Why are they the ones on top..while we are stuck at the bottom working like fools?
But im sorry....i  want to say no more
I'll just jump from this invisible window...and leave invisible blood on the non-exsistent floor

I Get Lonely Too..

I Get Lonely Too....

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul,
So if thats true,when you look into the eyes of some one who hurt you...would all you see is coal?
Since I know some people like to act dark and cold
when really deep down inside they are just patiently waiting for that one person to hold,
but keeping on going,lets not pause
when your doing something positive,why allow your ears to hear hate besides hearing the applause
No matter who's clapping,even if its just your mom or your dad...sister or member or friend
Just keep on shining like the sun does..until you reach 'the end'
if you still cant hear the clapping,then just clap for yourself
I try telling all my friends this...but its true....happiness really does lie within ourself's
If you get lonely...and start to lose sight
just close your eyes,because when your trapped in the darkness so long,once you come out everything seems bright

Maybe not today,tomorrow..or even next year
But one day,you will find that special peer
that person who will amaze you just by how much they care
that you never gotta to ask for nothing,they are already willing to share
and when you find that person,treat them like a shooting star....cuz they're rare
We all get lonely don't focus on that,just focus & cherish the moment someone finally rescues you from there...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miss Me

People never seem to realize what they have until its gone,and they say learn from your mistake...but what if your mistakes end up not being wrong,I mean can someone please explain it...Love isn't looking pretty right I guess we should change it...And I did...and now it's looking similar to a devil in a new dress..I'm not gonna say im the king...but I know I could take care of you way better than the rest..But it seems girls are attracted to the boys that don't think,& the boys are attracted to the girls that cant think...are you getting the picture now?if your trying too,please don't blink

Before you open your eyes everything could be lost,The pain of knowing you lost your best would have to be the cost,nothing you do can bring them back...not even praying to the cross,& love either goes up or no need to look across....

I traveled back and fourth so much I seemed to lost the track of time,when I see lips turn off and my hands start working..i guess you can call me a 'Mime',no matter what those people say....even if your gone,your'll still be mine,you should miss me a little when I'm gone and if you choose not to,thats ok,its my eyes our moments will always be epic...& your beauty is divine

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Night Only

I'm thinking about her.....she thinking about me
I could have the entire universe, but still she would be the only thing I see
Lay my head on her chest and listen to her heartbeat
Being with her is like without her....I must suffer defeat
And back in middle school I tried playing the percussion but it seems now every person has a different tune and different beat
 They say your bound to get ran over....if you put your business out in the street
Having our hearts race for love...means the loser gets broken & only has the pieces to keep
So who is gonna reach there first?is it me or you
Was so high off love...would probably sabotage your own chance and un-lace your own shoe
But you got one night night only.....

The nights get longer...and so does the days
might as well be deaf since she is not hearing anything you have to say
memories start to rewind and the happiest moments start to re-play
why in a relationship, seems the one who gives the most has to pay
but I think that question answers it self
only if all the good you do could some how transform into the wealth
wanted be the richest person alive...but would rather have priceless health
life is like a bedtime story....your repeat the same things over & over...
until one night,its lights out,your put somewhere where you cant be troubled anymore,its time to meet your shelf