Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winning Moment

I always write to you....but will you ever write me back?
When my feelings are all in the open thats when I feel most vulnerable for attack
But I trust in you....so I hope your trust in me
Love is like air since we don't see it but need it to set us free
Can never be measured...but only felt
And will always wash away any pain that has been dealt

Everybody is different,Everybody is new
Some truth leads to lie's,While some lie's seem to be true
And no matter what you do
Just love every second you have
Vanish ever second your mad
Since every moment wasted on a frown
Influences someone else to be sad
And I will always be around
Love is quiet...no need for a sound
Since it is felt not heard
So I can eliminate 'I love you' since I don't need those words
Just need your hand...to hold mine & never let go
Call you my pretty little flower that never got sunlight but still proceeded to grow
Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
I learn to appreciate the little things in life,the moment I got older
So say what you have to say....love who you want to love
We are already on the ground...so why not try to move above
Above the influence thats right
Lay your pretty little head on your pillow & stare out your window to see the moonlight
Then you get that calming feel in your soul...and you know your alright
Thats a moment I wish for everybody & anyone
Seems like we lose and lose everyday...so just wait and see...the winning moment just begun

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