Saturday, December 31, 2011

Opposite Of Adults

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Live a life where everyone can win
where there isn't many problems or worries about hell or sin
It's the end of this year,so as we all prepare to welcome the new year
Leave all the negativity behind and only spread good cheer
Open your eyes and begin to see something new
you may discover something new you love...which you never knew

Picture things as a story where we all have happy endings
And people never reject the positive message you always try sending
Where someone can give you something & not expect anything back
Instead of kindness & was only hate for others they seem to lack

No rainy days....or no need for the blues
Time waited for everyone...and every second was filled with good news
People don't judge and no one points fingers
Even the ones don't make it on American Idol,gets a chance to be world wide singers
The visions you have,has a chance to be
And the dreams you have,start to really play out in reality

See what you want to see
Believe in whatever you want to
Love like its out of style
And never say goodbye
Listen to the ones who are never heard
Live life free,fly high like a bird
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Echoes Of

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Here we are we go
Let your mind relax...and let your troubles go
Escape to where it's safe one can replace you
Your picture is the background to my dreams
All the nightmares have vanished...getting closer to happiness
at least that's what it seems
Where we are today....isn't where we will be tomorrow
Love is in the air...mixed with a hint of sorrow
A place below the close enough
But when we are together...There is no such thing as close enough
In a couple of days...I will be gone
Leaving everyone behind....just always feels so wrong
Reality is such a scary thing...
Living life in denial...just trying to win
Win at a game we all seem to lose
With so many options flying around
How come we never get to choose
Every breath we take
Every step we take
Just leads us to life's little friend,,,,,

Not knowing what everyone knows
never going the direction they wish to impose
blocking out my I can die with my foes
may my friends live some where better
a place where happiness...& love seem to come together

The tree cant move....but the leaves can surely fly away
why do we put birds in cages...then hate it when they fly away
why cant we just let things be free
why are some of us never given a chance to see
born blind....maybe we should all be
see life through our hearts
and only speaking softly....

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look What You've Done

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You did so much for me,now it's time for me to do for you
21 years of raising me & my little brothers,only lord knows all the stuff you've been through
Always were so stubborn,but for your kids you did your best
After working all these years mom,I know its about time you get some rest
Working hard in a world where finding work is hard
All the negative feelings for my father,you kept jarred
But we did it without him,Haven't seen you since August 28th..look how long its been
And I pray that everything goes well with me & the US Air Force
Because I know how proud a mom must be to know their first son made it to the US Air Force
I moved around alot as a kid,but you believed in me no matter what I did
So I've been receiving alot over the years,now its my turn to give
I love you & my little all mean the world to me
I don't always show my emotions...but this right here is me expressing how much you mean to me
Just to let you know that everything you did,hasn't been forgotten
I hope that gift I sent you on Christmas made up for all the other presents I've forgotten
It isn't mothers day,but I wanted to write you time poem anyway
Life is short,but the struggle last long
And you are a wonderful mom to us,don't let anybody else ever tell you wrong
I know you love watching basketball,and you see those players give their parents nice houses & cars
If its destined to be...I'll do my best mom to make sure that one days,that's ours
Always keep your head up mom....every thing will be ok
Just keep being strong & continue to pray
I love you mom...sorry we couldn't be together for my last holiday....
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Echoes Of Silence

That I'm here for you...I'm here for you
you need to know I'm here for you
don't matter what they appear to you
I care about you more...willing to shed two tears for you

that's just me putting my heart in the open
waiting for the day you see,what I see..when will your beautiful eyes finally open
The sun shines,The moon glows
We all need each what the planet shows
So don't wait until the stars don't wait that long
For you I don't even write poems anymore..I'll just do my best & write songs
Giving you all I have,never expecting nothing back
The way you look me in my eyes,the way my fingers run down your back
Are we on our way....Are we on our way
Times running out,how I fret that day
But our time is forever,since love never dies
said too many 'I'll talk to later' or just simply too many 'Goodbyes'
So I wont say no I wont say no more
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Nights

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On this day I hope you get everything you wanted,All of want you prayed for.Everything you ever dreamed of, Even more than what you prayed for...
May your family be in good spirits,and your hearts full of cheer
Look at how far you've you made it...since the beginning of this year
Tell your loved ones how you feel...and hold them close
Love is the drug of today is the time it's safe to overdose
The best gift you can give a gift you can't buy
Objects may be lost or replaced...but special memories will never die
Spread happiness in the places you know it needs to be spread
Alot of us get lost during these times....while many of us are just needing a helping hand to be lead
The truth is...we should treat each other like this everyday
We shouldn't have to pause these joyful times..we should just let them play
Play through the year,Run throughout the months
Flow between our hearts,Continue to cherish every second since we only live once
The Christmas lights,The chilly nights
The way we feel inside,when it all seems right
Christmas is not a's more like a  feeling
So I wish you & you loved ones...a wonderful evening
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Monday, December 19, 2011

We'll Be Fine

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At the beginning....searching for the end
Always be true to who you reason to pretend
Look at how many things have changed....versus how much stayed the same
The world is filled with people who will either try to polish or stain your name
Notice the ones who are there for you on a daily basis
and erase the ones who send you smiley faces
but behind your back they make up angry faces
Magic is just an illusion....Life is filled with insanity & confusion
The devil tries to play nice...but if you have a strong faith their should be no confusing
Listen to the words that you heart tries to say
but remember to love your self first...Since your all you have...
at the end of the day
(You'll Be Fine)

Before I left,my little brother asked me when will I be back
Couldn't find the words to tell him that I might never be back
Life is about %10 what you do...the rest is just how you react
Always keep the memories...even if you can never keep in contact
(I'll Be Fine)

They can tie our hands...but they can never tie our soul,
We can think about the past but should learn to sometimes let it go...
Seen so many stars.....See many lights
I wonder when the sun is gone for good....would our future still be bright
The end of the year is almost I wish you the very best
Remember to give thanks...and prepare for anything since we don't know what could happen next
But no real worries...I'll believe in you every time
So I guess its safe to say....that
(We'll be fine)
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ride...

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What happens when your tired of people telling you what to do
when their life is basically at a dead they basically have to depend on you
When the bills ain't paid on time
and you have no Internet or cable.... can't even call for help because your left without a telephone line
When you leave your family in the background
so when you call on holidays & don't know how to act now
The things that bother us the most,are only the things we cant change
Like when the one you love is acting different,and your wishing they didn't change
I guess the season is different so we can blame it on that
You go for a hug....I go for a should our heart's react?
I guess my brother Nathan was right,never give an ex a second chance
because it never seems to end right
But what I'm suppose to so much people I need to stay in contact with
but I still feel alone at the day...this shit is nothing new
Maybe I just needed to vent....look how much love I sent
Look how little was returned...Then look how fast they put their masks on when you say you have returned
Almost the end of the year,would 2012 just be the same
I'll be on my way to another country...packing my entire life on a plane
Would be a bitter/sweet ending if no one ever saw Thomas again
Let me snap out of it,before the depression sits in too deep
I see the ones who always try to fit in...and damn they look weak
I heard the road to happiness is a one way road...
Too bad I'm not looking for that...I'm just searching for another heart of gold
Never doing what I'm told
Never accepting dreams that are being sold
Never falling in love again....until it's my last possible chance...a second before I'm dead...or I'm old
"Hell Is Empty,All the Devils Are Here"-William Shakespeare
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Knowing

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You shouldn't have to pick between love & happiness...
They should come together as one...
Seen so many hearts left broken on the floor...
My only want is to fix each & every one...
But how could I....if mine is not even whole....
I'd rather see yours full...then have both of us live forever with this hole

I could sit here all day & repeatably tell you how beautiful you are
but whats the point of a star being a star,if they don't believe they are
I've seen too many tears on your face,I've heard to many cries
Truth is...sometimes we want something so bad...that we will simply believe all the lies
Should we tie the knot?Or just simply break all ties???

I don't hate you....I just hate the facts
Think about what you called me & told did you expect me to react?
I guess this is the end right here....because rumor has it I will be in the UK this time next year

Only so much I can do.....Only so much they can put you through
Then enough's enough...seems that pain is over due
They want your heart....They want you soul
No not really...They just want your body & all they can get
But don't worry about the past,no point of living life with regret
Easy to forgive,but impossible to forget
Living life on the edge....So any step I take is a threat

I'm here on a Air Force base,but I'm still here writing to you
I guess a a little of what they say is true
Home is where the heart it will only make sense why I would want to build a home with you...

The sky,your cry,without air, we die....
The night,your bright,without your love, I die...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry....The Scientist

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I want to say......sorry.....sorry for leaving
I didn't mean to leave you all alone
I guess some of this is my fault....I did hurt you really bad at one point
now me & misery are well known

Looking back on all these years of people I have gained & lost
I think about Jesus & if any of us would of sacrificed it all & be willing to be nailed on the cross
But I promise I'm only here for you....I've already lost one friend to suicide
I wont let it be two
Now they're tears in my eyes....and its getting harder for me to type
I write for those who ever got picked on or who were told
they were only average or alright
Because I'm still that kid deep down inside
who always has a smile hide the hurt I really feel inside
Some people think your a coward for what you did...but I think your brave
how many other people do you know will take a gun to their head & say goodbye to the world & hello to the grave
So now I feel I let you down,I should of been there to stop you
but sadly enough I was so young I probably wouldn't know what to do....just stand there stupidly & watch you
If life was a game...I would say I already lost
because ever since that day I saw that 'Do Not Cross' yellow tape around your house
I've always been lost
And this was years ago,I shouldn't be crying
I'm in the military now,so I will eventually see other people dying
So much I cant seem to let go of
Too much I seem to know of
only thing that could of saved

Too much I cant seem to let go of
Alot of thing I seem to know of
only thing that can save this

I want to say......sorry.....sorry for leaving
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Someone’s Light/Bottled Up by Silvia Saldana

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Doubts are like ships, sinking into the bottomless sea.
Once you go with them, there's no end. So why bother?
Rejoice life, appreciate life.
Learn to value those who are always by your side.
Rather than becoming a sinking ship, become someone’s light and make their life worthwhile.
Show them your appreciation with little signs of affection.
If it’s your girlfriend or boyfriend, show them how much you love them, when they notice it will make their heart warm and their sentiments towards you will grow with strength and passion.
Become their reason to live, their reason to breath.
Become the light that shows them the path to a loving wonderful life
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Bottled Up

I need a punching bag, all this madness is making me gag.
Could it be some kind of mental illness, or is it that I just worry too much about anything worthless.
Trying to forget isn't as easy as trying to forgive.
Been too nice, been to considerate. Now I just want to blow up a mine and see everything fall, disintegrate.
Feeling like a genie in a bottle, trapped with no escape.
Could someone find this bottle and let me out?
Trapped in my own mind trying to figure out my life,
Wishing it would be easy to be who you are
But that’s just a lie.
There’s nothing else but to hope that you’ll make it alive,
I doubt you would mind if I gave up my life.
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      “It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."-Mother Teresa

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crew Love

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They hate us when we are together,but they love it when we're apart
I hope while I'm don't give these guys all you don't give them your heart
Since the only thing they have on their mind's is whats the best way to start
At towards the end they will leave you broken with your feelings ripped apart
So you've left me burned with desire,you've left your mark
Trying to save this love ship Noah's Ark

At this time and day,I hope you find your way,
I've been gone for a while,so I know how it feels to be away,
But I will always come back.I promised you this,
This writing is my life...and I either hit or miss...
But truthfully I hope I at least hit somewhere in the middle
Never really understanding the meaning of life,seems to be the most difficult riddle

It's never the same,It's never the same
Seen funeral's filled with love & seen hearts filled with pain
But once your name is tattooed there,you cant erase the name
It's like a never ending movie,with only the sad parts replaying

Sad to know that every ship either sinks or breaks
So before I drown,I give you what it takes
Truth to Lies....Lies to Fakes
Give me anything....I'll take it....I just need to forget about these heart aches