Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ride...

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What happens when your tired of people telling you what to do
when their life is basically at a dead they basically have to depend on you
When the bills ain't paid on time
and you have no Internet or cable.... can't even call for help because your left without a telephone line
When you leave your family in the background
so when you call on holidays & don't know how to act now
The things that bother us the most,are only the things we cant change
Like when the one you love is acting different,and your wishing they didn't change
I guess the season is different so we can blame it on that
You go for a hug....I go for a should our heart's react?
I guess my brother Nathan was right,never give an ex a second chance
because it never seems to end right
But what I'm suppose to so much people I need to stay in contact with
but I still feel alone at the day...this shit is nothing new
Maybe I just needed to vent....look how much love I sent
Look how little was returned...Then look how fast they put their masks on when you say you have returned
Almost the end of the year,would 2012 just be the same
I'll be on my way to another country...packing my entire life on a plane
Would be a bitter/sweet ending if no one ever saw Thomas again
Let me snap out of it,before the depression sits in too deep
I see the ones who always try to fit in...and damn they look weak
I heard the road to happiness is a one way road...
Too bad I'm not looking for that...I'm just searching for another heart of gold
Never doing what I'm told
Never accepting dreams that are being sold
Never falling in love again....until it's my last possible chance...a second before I'm dead...or I'm old
"Hell Is Empty,All the Devils Are Here"-William Shakespeare
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