Monday, December 26, 2011

Echoes Of Silence

That I'm here for you...I'm here for you
you need to know I'm here for you
don't matter what they appear to you
I care about you more...willing to shed two tears for you

that's just me putting my heart in the open
waiting for the day you see,what I see..when will your beautiful eyes finally open
The sun shines,The moon glows
We all need each what the planet shows
So don't wait until the stars don't wait that long
For you I don't even write poems anymore..I'll just do my best & write songs
Giving you all I have,never expecting nothing back
The way you look me in my eyes,the way my fingers run down your back
Are we on our way....Are we on our way
Times running out,how I fret that day
But our time is forever,since love never dies
said too many 'I'll talk to later' or just simply too many 'Goodbyes'
So I wont say no I wont say no more
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